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Sigil Of Lucifer Sterling Silver Ring

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* Note: The 925 Silver rings are made to order, need at least 20-30 working days crafting time

The Sigil of Lucifer originated in Grimoire of Truth published in Italy in the 16th century. It is the third sign of Lucifer in the Grimoire and is based on a nine by nine magic square. Magic squares were used before the 16th century to create magic and symbolize many different things. The Sigil of Lucifer contains an “X” which symbolizes power in this physical plane. The inverted triangle is a symbol for water and the “V” at the bottom symbolizes duality. The whole symbol looks like a chalice that represents creation.  Certain to stand out, this unique ring is also designed to stand the test of time. Thick and durable, providing first-class jewelry that won’t lose its luster over time.

  • Vintage style
  • Cocktail ring
  • 925 silver
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