Men's necklace wearing guide

Among the men's jewelry, necklaces are considered to be one of the most difficult to wear. However, just need to do some simple understanding of men's necklaces, such as the length and type of men's necklaces, any man can wear a necklace confidently. Let's learn about men's necklace wearing guide, so that the necklace becomes the icing on the cake of clothing styling.

Choosing the Best Length of Necklaces

18 Inches (about 45 cm)

For most men, a necklace of this length is considered a choker, which may be one inch lower than a man's throat. For larger men, this length may be too tight and uncomfortable.

20 Inches (about 50 cm)

The 20-inch long necklace is the most common necklace for men. This length is a good choice for pendants. It may fall on the top of a round neck shirt or between the first and second buttons of a men's shirt. Necklaces of this length are suitable for wearing on the inside or outside of a shirt. For men with thick necks, this is the minimum recommended necklace size.

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22 Inches (about 55 cm)

This is also a common length for men's necklaces, and it can go well with a pendant. This necklace is usually a few inches below the collarbone and below the second button of a buttoned shirt. Necklaces of this length can be worn inside or outside the shirt according to the necklace style.

24 Inches (about 60 cm)

Necklaces of this length, usually fall in the middle of the breastbone. This length is another common length of pendants. It is very suitable for crosses, dog tags or other pendants, and is often worn on the outside of shirts.

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30 Inches (about 76 cm)

This is the longest of standard length men's necklaces. This length of the necklace is designed to be worn over a shirt and usually does not match any pendants.

Styles of Necklace for Men

Chain Necklaces

  1. Cable Chain
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The cable chain is one of the most common and basic chains. It consists of the same oval chain links and looks very similar to ordinary iron chains. The exquisite cable chain itself is not eye-catching, but it can be perfectly matched with exquisite pendants. Cable chains are strong and durable, and because they are not complicated, it is easy to repair broken or deformed links.

  1. Rope Chain
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Rope chain necklaces are one of the most popular types of chain necklaces. The rope chain is made up of small chain links that form a twisted spiral pattern like a rope. Rope chain necklaces are known for their strength and are one of the strongest chains, often used with pendants.

  1. Curb Chain
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If you are looking for a chain that can be worn on any occasion, the curb chain is a good choice as another classic style. The design of curb chains is probably the most basic. The chain consists of the same chain links, and when they are laid flat, the links will lock each other. Curb chains are usually not worn with pendants.

  1. Box Chain
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The name of the box chain comes from its square chain links. The unique design of the square link also makes it very durable, so it is very suitable for pendants.

  1. Wheat Chain

The wheat necklace looks great with or without a pendant. The elliptical links are knitted together in the same direction, looking like the tips of wheat stalks. Although wheat chains are popular, they are not the most traditional chains. Therefore, if you are looking for a beautiful necklace that is somewhat unique, the wheat necklace is an excellent choice.

  1. Ball / Bead Chain

Ball / Bead Chain is composed of spherical chain links, which can be very tightly connected together, or there can be small discontinuities. Bead chains are most commonly used for dog tags and key chains. The ball chain and dog tag give people a cool street style when worn together. The ball chain works best with the pendant. Relatively speaking, the ball chain is easy to break.

Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklace refers to a necklace with a single small ornament hung on a relatively long chain or rope. The pendant on the pendant necklace is the focal point of the necklace and adds luster to the chain. The decoration can be any shape made of various materials. Different pendants convey different information and different preferences of the wearer.

The pendant can be worn on the outside of casual shirts such as T-shirts, but is usually worn under any clothing with lapels.

Dog Tag Necklaces

Dog tags were first introduced to the US military in 1906 as an indispensable part of a soldier's uniform. They don't only carry identifying information, such as names, but also include necessary medical information, and sometimes list military ranks and religious beliefs.

Dog tags have entered the youth fashion through military fashion. Dog tags were originally part of military uniforms worn by young people, hoping to show a tough or military image, and then gradually penetrated into the wider fashion world. Now, the dog tag necklace is far from being an identity tag, it can also be highly personalized and expressive. Decorative styles usually maintain a blank oval shape, but replace text with images or raised designs. Since the late 1990s, custom dog tags have become popular among musicians (especially rappers).

Religious Necklaces

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Men’s religious necklaces are pendant necklaces. The more common ones are cross necklaces and rosaries in Christianity. Some of them are required or encouraged by specific beliefs or sects, while others are merely manifestations of personal beliefs. Religious necklaces are very suitable for devout believers or those who seek spiritual blessings, or just fashion items.

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