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Wearing jewelry is a way for people to communicate their individuality. At GTHIC, we make it our mission to support your self-expression by offering unique jewelry that tells a story about who you are. Whether you are into fashion, rock, tattoos, goth, punk, biker style or religious or totemic culture, you will find jewelry that resonates with your personality at GTHIC. We believe that price is not the only way to express the quality of jewelry. We work directly with raw material suppliers and sell only online to avoid traditional markups and offer items at reasonable prices. We strive to make high-quality jewelry affordable for everyone.


It all began in Hong Kong in 2019. Three bikers and rockers with a passion for fashion and jewelry met, all of whom appreciated personalized jewelry and wanted to convey their unique personalities through jewelry.

At the time, most of the jewelry available on the market was forged in high quality – and high priced – silver. Kris, one of our founding members, used to save up for weeks just to buy a single ring that required regular maintenance. It occurred to Kris and his friends that since silver rings were prone to wear and tear and were expensive, why not make jewelry from cheaper and more durable materials and create a store to promote these pieces?

It was this idea that led them to stainless steel jewelry. They wanted to make it so anyone could afford jewelry that reflected their individuality. With this idea in mind, our three founders established our brand, GTHIC.


Our products are handmade by professional artisans to ensure the highest quality and the most unique designs. The raw materials used in our jewelry are purchased directly from our suppliers to ensure they are of high quality at a great price. Based in Hong Kong and shipping worldwide, GTHIC is committed to providing personalized handmade jewelry with the best service.



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