High Nostril Piercing: Everything You Need To Know

Do you want to add a touch of uniqueness to your appearance? The high nostril piercing is a bold twist on the classic nose piercing and is popular for its unique appeal. Located above the nostrils and near the bridge of the nose, this piercing can transform your appearance in just one bold move. But before you get into this trend, let’s explore the essentials you need to know, from the initial tingle to the perfect finishing touch.

What is a High Nose Piercing

The high nostril piercing is a piercing performed above the nostrils. Unlike traditional nose piercings, high nostril piercings are placed higher and closer to the bridge of the nose. This type of piercing can add a unique touch to your appearance.

high nostril piercing placement

Fast Facts:

Placement: Above the nostrils, near the nose  bridge

Cost: $40-$60

Pain: May hurt more than traditional piercings

Healing time: 6-7 months

Risks: Infection, rejection, migration, and scarring.

Jewelry: Studs, nose screws, chains

Does a Nose Piercing Hurt

Some people may feel that this piercing is more painful than others. However, the level of pain is still dependent on the individual’s tolerance level.

How Long Does It Take a Nose Piercing To Heal

The healing time for this piercing is usually longer, usually 6-7 months, but can be longer.

Potential Risks of High Nose Piercing

While it is usually safe to have a high nose piercing performed by a professional piercer, it is important to be aware of the potential risks.

  • Infection: If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, it could be a sign of infection: redness, swelling, pain, and discharge. If the symptoms are severe, it’s best to seek medical attention.
  • Rejection: Signs of rejection may include persistent irritation, itching, or the formation of small lumps around the piercing site.
  • Migration: It is similar to rejection. If you notice that the piercing is moving, it is best to seek professional advice to prevent the piercing from getting worse.
  • Scarring: If the piercing does not heal properly, it may leave a scar on the nose. Excessive movement or irritation of the piercing can also lead to scar formation.

Aftercare for High Nose Piercing

Proper post-operative care will help the wound recover. The following aftercare tips can be taken:

  • Cleanliness: Use saline solution to gently clean the pierced area 1-2 times daily.
  • Avoid touching: Don’t keep touching the jewelry with your hands to avoid bringing in bacteria.
  • Protection: Be aware of any clothing, glasses, or accessories that could snag or pull on jewelry.
  • Seek help: If symptoms are severe after a piercing, seek professional help promptly.
  • Stay Healthy: Maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet.
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Piercing Jewelry

Choosing the right jewelry for a high nostril piercing is vital for both aesthetics and the healing process. The following points should be kept in mind when choosing jewelry:

  • Material: Choose hypoallergenic materials such as titanium, surgical steel, or gold to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Types: Although studs are the most common choice for high nostril piercings, other options such as nose studs and chains are available after the piercing has fully healed.
  • Size: Jewelry should be sized to fit the piercing to avoid discomfort or displacement due to pressure.

High Nostril Piercing Vs. Nostril Piercing

High nostril piercing and nostril piercing are two different types of nasal piercings that differ in terms of piercing location, cosmetic results, and possible healing time.

  1. Location: High nostril piercing is located in the higher area of the nostril, closer to the bridge of the nose. Nostril piercing is usually located in the lower part of the nostril, closer to the wing of the nose.
  2. Appearance and Style: High nostril piercings may look more dramatic and stylish in appearance due to their unique placement. Nostril piercing, on the other hand, is a more traditional and common type of piercing and may be more understated in appearance.
  3. Healing time: High nostril piercing is 6-7 months while nostril piercing is 4-6 months.

    Conclusion: Embracing the High Nostril Piercing

    In conclusion, the classy high nostril piercing is a striking fashion choice that requires careful consideration of pain, healing, and potential risks. With proper aftercare and the right choice of jewelry, it can be a beautiful addition to your style.

    Thanks for reading. And you can read our previous article here. Happy piercing!

    Disclaimer: If you have any questions or concerns about your piercing, please consult a professional piercer or doctor.

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