Does Demon Symbol Jewelry Bring Bad Luck

As the jewelry market develops, there are more and more diverse types of jewelry. People are keen to apply some ancient symbols with unique meanings to jewelry. Some symbols have positive, auspicious meanings, such as the Tree of Life, which is a symbol of personal growth, beauty and strength. There are also symbols whose name evokes a sense of fear and gives the impression that it is a source of bad luck, such as the Evil Eye. Today, let's focus on what demon symbols are out there, and does demon symbol jewelry really bring bad luck?

When talking about demon symbols, the first thing that comes to mind is Satan, who has been the embodiment of evil since the Middle Ages, and both the Baphomet and the Leviathan cross are symbols related to Satan. There are also the Sigil of Lucifer, the Evil Eye, and the Japanese Demon Symbol.

Evil Eye - To ward off evil spirits

The Devil's Eye, also known as the Evil Eye and the Blue Eye. The "Devil's Eye" may sound full of evil power, but in fact it is a traditional Turkish object to ward off evil spirits. The legend about it is also believed by the Turkish people to ward off evil spirits.

There are many folk legends about the Devil's Eye. One of them is that there was a witch with evil eyes in ancient times, and people would be turned into stone as soon as they were caught by her jealous eyes. Later, people pressed Medusa under a pillar, gouged out her eyes, and made large and small things to hang up to fight poison with poison, which is the prototype of the "Devil's Eye".

"Beauty and success are easy to make people jealous, perhaps the person himself did not notice. The 'Devil's Eye' will guard you from jealous eyes and evil eyes, and if the 'Devil's Eye' is broken, it means that the disaster has been resolved by it." Thus it signifies protection, keeping bad things out. Nowadays, the Devil's Eye is often used in jewelry, and people mostly use it to give to their beloved ones, hoping to bring them good luck.

Leviathan Cross

The Leviathan Cross, also called the Satanic Cross, consists of the double cross and the infinity symbol ∞. The double cross probably means balance among people as well as protection, and the infinity symbol merged together to symbolize the infinite universe, indicating that man is the center of himself, balance and truth, probably designed by Anton LaVey. In alchemy it is the symbol for sulfur, brimstone, and is also used to indicate the fire of sulfur mentioned in the Bible.

So it seems that although the Leviathan cross seems to be associated with Satan, this claim has never been validly proven and has no unlucky symbolism. This is probably why this ring is so popular. People choose it, not caring about what it is associated with, but more about the overall design. 

Baphomet Symbol - The meaning of "wisdom"

The Baphomet, is one of the famous Christian demons. In the tattoo and jewelry world, the sheep-horned demon Baphomet is very common, but about the symbolism of Baphomet, we know very little, today to introduce you to Baphomet jewelry is what the meaning.

In witchcraft legends, Satan, the demon king, would often take the shape of a sheep and worship it at a witch's gathering place.

So Baphomet is considered to be the purveyor of medieval black magic, the host of demon summoning rituals, the head of a goat, a pentagram on the forehead, a torch between the two horns, a female chest, a staff of Hermes placed in the abdomen, he is almost a combination of all the demons, even called the "second original sin", in the ranking of hell, second only to the chief demon knight Leonardo such as the chief demon.

In the fourteenth century, the Templars worshipped Baphomet so much that they were accused and executed, and the King of France and the Church seized the Order's vast fortune, which was the "greatest heresy of the Middle Ages" in 1307.

In fact, this was the "sheep-headed demon Baphomet" set up by the Church Inquisition in the Dark Ages to facilitate the fight against heresy.

In fact, Baphomet has the meaning of "wisdom", you know the 20th century's greatest magician Aleister Crowley and others, in the magic group the Knights Templar of the East, also once joined the name of the sheep-headed demon Baphomet. So if you like it, buy a Baphomet ring to wear! This goat-horned demon Baphomet ring can give you a horrible "prestige" in addition to the incarnation of wisdom! Now the jewelry industry is so mature, the goat's head demon Baphomet jewelry can also be turned into a variety of styles, if the creativity is good, is an "exclusive" in your Baphomet ring!

Sigil of Lucifer

The Sigil of Lucifer is a magical and mystical symbol that is associated with supernatural elements. At first glance, the Sigil of Lucifer looks like a chalice with an X symbol drawn on it.  Experts say that the chalice itself is a symbol of creation, and the X represents power. the symbol also has an inverted triangle known as the Original Elixir of Ecstasy. The inverted triangle represents water and emphasizes how it’s important for survival.  At the very bottom of the chalice is a letter V that symbolizes the duality.

Japanese Hannya Demon - A symbol of protection and good luck

Japanese Hannya mask looks vicious, but those who wear Japanese demon ring will not be harmed, but can be protected.

Japanese folklore says that Hannya is a beautiful woman who fell in love with a priest. Because of his vows, the man could not respond to his progress and then Hannah's mind was filled with anger, jealousy and resentment. In her transformation into a demon, this woman inflicted pain on those she encountered, seeking revenge in the form of hatred and anger.

The appearance of this supernatural creature is evident in the details of the mask. It is characterized by its sharp horns at the crown. She is also depicted as having metallic eyes and showing sharp teeth.

Despite the frightening historical origins of Hannya masks, they are a symbol of protection and good luck. Only a demon can protect you from another demon. It was believed that they could drive away evil spirits. For this reason, people were willing to apply it to jewelry.


Most jewelry with the demon symbol is satanic jewelry, but going back to the demon symbol itself, they mostly have positive and good meanings and do not bring people bad luck. Click on Gthic and choose your own symbol jewelry!

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