How do I say 'love' in Morse code?

What is Morse Code

Morse code is an intermittent signal code that expresses different letters of the alphabet, numbers and punctuation marks by arranging them in different orders. It was invented by an American, Elfriede Vail, who was assisting Samuel Morse in the invention of the Morse telegraph at that time. However, Morse code was invented by the American Morse in 1837, and it consists of dot (.) The two symbols, rowdash (-), are made up. In this, a dot is used as a basic signal unit, and the length of a stroke is equivalent to the length of three dots; within a letter or a number, the interval between each dot and stroke should be the length of two dots; the interval between letters (numbers) and letters (numbers) is the length of seven dots. The initial Morse code was invented to make telegrams. With later continuous development and application, Morse code developed many forms, mainly divided into American Morse code and modern international Morse code. However, no matter how the form changes, the fundamental Morse code, the code, will not change. It makes the Morse code alphabet and numbers by different compositions.

American Morse code is the Morse code used in the war era. It was used primarily for communication between telegraphs on the ground. Although it is largely extinct in modern times, it was a means of communication that every radio communicator had to know and be proficient in during those days. Morse code is widely used in the field of communication because it takes up the least amount of bandwidth, is the most stable in transmitting messages, and is least affected by external factors. Such a feature is based on the fact that the basic signal of Morse code is only a simple dot and scratch. And since the final translated message is in a particular language, Morse code can bridge the communication gap for telegraphers of different languages. It can be said that once Morse code dominated the absolute leading position of early human radio communication. Later, due to the rapid progress of human communication technology, countries stopped using Morse code to transmit official messages in 1999.

Morse code is a strange character with mysterious attributes for modern people. People began to use it in jewelry design, which was very popular.

Why Morse Code So Popular

The Morse Code bracelet is one of the most popular pieces of jewelry in our store. Why is it so popular?

  1. Add interest to ordinary gift-giving

Now that everyone is new to Morse code, giving her/him a Morse code adds to the fun of giving and receiving a gift, as well as making the gift even more meaningful. There is nothing better than creating and communicating a message in a way that only a few people can understand.

  1. Bringing you simple and meaningful enjoyment

We want to design beautiful, simple and meaningful jewelry that doesn't need to be decorated with gorgeous diamonds, and Morse code bracelets are the perfect choice. The beads used to represent the Morse code message are small but eye-catching, and can be worn both for everyday and for important occasions, as it stands out from the crowd. If you are looking for quality, you can choose a Morse code bracelet made of sterling silver with a better shine.

In addition to its decorative role, it plays another major role that no other jewelry can achieve: wearing this Morse code bracelet with its message cues can give daily encouragement, fond memories, and even a symbol of a new beginning. It is the carrier of thoughts and memories.

  1. A simple message can tell the true feelings

You may have heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. The same is true for your unique message. Although Morse code may seem small, just one word or phrase can cover all the meanings. For example, February 14 is Valentine's Day and you want to confess your feelings to someone you like or someone you have been ambivalent about for a long time, what word do you think best reflects your feelings, I think it should be I love you. A simple bracelet contains all your feelings and love, enough to see how powerful a word can be.

How To DIY Morse Code Bracelet

Morse code bracelets look very simple, is it possible to make a unique string of Morse code bracelets by yourself? Of course you can. All you need to know is the Morse code alphabet. Morse code dots and rodashes can be replaced by beads of different colors. After you choose the word or phrase you want to DIY, refer to the Morse code alphabet and string up the beads one by one, then you will have a stylish Morse code bracelet!


The role of jewelry is not only decoration, it is also a spiritual inspiration and a communication between the soul. Don't let the meaning of your jewelry only be superficial. It will be more meaningful after you pour your feelings into it.

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