What does a feather mean in jewelry?

Feather is the communication from the higher heaven. Feather rings usually represent strength and growth, as well as hope and freedom. Birds are extremely spiritual animals. They fly freely in the clouds and are the closest to the spiritual realm. Feathers represent travel on the body or mind. Feathers can help us overcome different mental disorders. They remind us that we need to change the direction of our travel.

For many people, wearing feather jewelry is a symbol of their lover guarding them. They can give people who have experienced the loss a sense of hope and peace.

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In Christianity, feathers are related to faith and prayer. It is said that white feathers mean that angels are listening to you. People believe that sometimes angels use feathers to remind us that they are here to encourage us and let us know that we are on the right path.

Wearing feather jewelry is a good way, whether it is to commemorate a lost lover, or as a power to guard you. No matter what your personal reasons are, wearing feather jewelry is a good way to open a path to deeper meaning and enlightenment.

The Meanings of Feather in Different Cultures

Feather Jewelry in Native American Culture

Feathers are of great significance to Native American tribes. They believe that feathers are gifts that fall from the sky and are a sacred connection. Feathers symbolize trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, freedom and more. In Native American tribes, feathers were used in many practices, rituals, dances and jewelry.

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Native Americans believe that every bird has a special character, and the feathers of different birds have different energy and symbolic meanings. Naturally, different feathers are used for different purposes, such as healing, purification, blessing or awakening. Like many cultures, pigeon feathers usually represent peace. On the other hand, turkey feathers are proud, rich and prolific. The hummingbird symbolizes love, beauty and wisdom, while the crow symbolizes creativity and knowledge. For an Indian who is suffering from a disease, they may get a falcon feather, which is a symbol of healing, speed and movement.

For most tribes, the highest honor is to receive Native American eagle feathers from higher officials. Native Americans believe that eagles have a special meaning to the sky because they fly highest in the sky. Therefore, they are considered to be the best among birds, and a feather sent to the ground is a gift from God.

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Feather Jewelry in Egyptian Culture

The Egyptians believed that feathers were a symbol of the god of the sky and the goddess Ma'at. In ancient Egypt, Goddess Ma'at was the daughter of the sun god and the embodiment of truth, morality, order, and justice. She represents the guiding principles that every Egyptian should abide by throughout his life. Ma'at wears an ostrich feather in her hair, called the feather of truth.

When a person died and wanted to enter the afterlife, the goddess Ma'at weighed his heart with the weight of an ostrich feather. If the heart of the dead is free of evil impurities and therefore lighter than feathers, then the dead can enter the afterlife.

Ostrich feathers were also a fashion accessory worn by men in ancient Egypt, and were also worn on the hair of early Egyptian soldiers. Later, only people of royal blood were allowed to wear ostrich feathers.

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Feather Jewelry in Christianity

In Christianity, feathers are related to the presence of angels, representing prayer and faith. Feather is one of the most common symbols in the Bible. The "feather" in the Bible means care, love, and protection.

The symbol of the three feathers was very popular in ancient Christianity, especially among the Medici. They used the three feathers as a symbol to represent the three virtues of faith, hope and charity.

The Meanings of Feathers in Different Colors

White feathers are the most common and are usually considered a symbol of purity, as well as a symbol of angels and protection, heaven, love and hope. The white feather is a signal from the angels that the person you love is healthy in heaven.

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Red is a passionate color. The red feathers are related to the vitality and energy of life. It also symbolizes good luck, passion, strength, emotion and courage.

Pink feathers are the feathers of love and romance. The pink feathers express unconditional love, care and friendship.

The green feather symbolizes abundance and money, as well as vibrant happiness, health and love. Green feathers are also a symbol of plants, nature and healing.


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