What type of biker jewelry you like?

Whenever people talk about bikers, the first thing that comes to mind is their best mates, the cool motorbikes and riding suits, and the eye-catching jewellery worn by the bikers. In American culture, motorcycles are not only a means of transportation, but also a symbol of freedom, and a part of a free and easy life based on norms.

The Origin of Locomotive Culture

After the end of World War II in 1951, South America and Argentina, two young men from middle-class families: Ernesto, a 23-year-old medical student, and Alberto, a 29-year-old dispenser, went on a crazy trip 'around South America' in December of that year, they drove a 1939 "Norton" motorcycle on a trip around South America. At that time, Argentina was in the "golden years" after World War II. GDP has developed rapidly, and it has become a "developed country" and young people from two developed countries. It is a comfortable and natural thing to have a "self-guided tour of cross-border travel". With dreams, they traveled along the Andes from Argentina to Chile, then followed Chile, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, and then back to Argentina. In the diary, they wrote: We never thought about the difficulties and obstacles we would encounter on the way. We only see the dust flying on the road ahead, and we are on the back of the car. This trip was legendary and a big step forward for the locomotive culture of the time. Many people followed suit after they knew it. After years of baptism, the current locomotive culture has become a well-known culture.

With the development of time and the precipitation of culture, motorcycle riders have their own fashion rules. The combination of leather jackets, denim vests, high boots, and eye-catching jewelry on their hands makes them the coolest and most confident people. What type of biker jewelry they like most?

Skull Element Jewelry

Accessories with skull elements are generally a favourite among bikers. Many people think that a skull full of personality means death or anger. Death does not always mean something negative. On the contrary, it can mean the pursuit of freedom, rebellion against restraint, and it also means commemoration. Although the skeleton represents death, it also represents a new beginning. It can also be understood as changing fate and pursuing a new life. In some places, skeletons are also a symbol of strength and the eternity of life. Bikers love life, enjoy life, and pursue freedom. The skeleton element expresses their ideas well. There are so many choices in our skull collection, some of them are suitable for both men and women. When we design skull jewelry, we combine skulls with other elements such as claws, coffins, animals, and eyeballs. It makes the skull jewelry more personalized.

Animal Jewelry

Animals are very spiritual creatures, and each has its own characteristics, such as the dominant lion, the loyal dog, and the united wolf. Riders can pick the animal jewelry they want according to their preferences and the characteristics they have or want to have.

Stainless Steel Jewelry

Riders are generally outdoors, regardless of wind and rain, and are generally camping out, so jewelry like silver or alloy is not suitable for them. Because these materials encounter water is very easy to be oxidized. But stainless steel is different, it is not only a strong material, and not easy to be oxidized, easy and convenient care, and the price is much lower than silver or alloy, even if lost or damaged on the way to ride will not be too distressed. Stainless steel biker jewelry is their best choice.

Biker Club Rings

In the United States, motorcycle clubs are generally recognized as criminal organizations. But now riding is a common thing, more and more people like to ride. So there are many riders who will meet each other during the ride and thus organize a rider club. In the clubs, they will have their own uniform clothing or rings. For the club members, the club ring is of course their first choice.

In the past, motorcycle clubs were more of a criminal organization, the famous one being the Hells Angels. The prototype reference of the TV series Sons of Anarchy is from the real American Harley motorcycle club Hells Angels. The ring worn by the male lead in the show is popular with everyone.

We are committed to the development and production of high-quality jewelry, freely choose the jewelry that suits you, and live a free life!

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