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The use of the skull as decoration should have been made since ancient times. In ancient India, people used to wear brass gimmicks on their chests, indicating that they had captured the number of enemy heads to show their bravery. In modern times, they used a skull as a decoration. In the British fashion wizard Alexander McQueen, he used a skull to print a scarf, the result of this sturdy trend is more and more fierce and quickly spread to the jewelry industry, favored by many big-name designers. From socialites to punk girls, from Hilton to Avril, Skull has become an indispensable element in the fashion world, versatile and classic.


Mexico's Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) is on the way. On November 1st, it was the "Young Souls Day" to welcome the deceased children. On the 2nd, it was the "All Souls Day", embracing the adults who have passed away. Except for Mexico, the skull is not so closely integrated into the local culture anywhere in the world. In Europe, the signs of death and death are very common, but Europeans can never face the inevitable deaths with comfortable relatives like Mexicans. As early as 1000 years before Europeans arrived in Mexico, symbols of death such as skulls have appeared in Mexican art. The lively skeleton image has been incorporated into the hearts of all tribe members who are deeply influenced by Mexican culture. Mexicans are happy to accept the various symbols of death and death, especially "Calavera (skull in Spanish)." According to legend, the gods use the bones of the dead to create a new life. For Mexicans, the skull also means the origin of life.

In the Mexican folk culture, this beautiful bone is called Katarina. She was a woman who lived in the upper class during her lifetime. Katarina is the most popular figure on the Day of the Dead. It’s a day of the dead face tattoo. On this day, many girls will draw a sugar skull makeup (also known as Catrina make-up). In other words, they will make their faces look like a skull on this day. Maybe it sounds weird, but the colorful petals and skillful drawings make them look more attractive. They took such makeup on the streets, impromptu parades and dances, another form of tribute to the goddess of death.

The laughing skulls and skeletons that are seemingly everywhere these days are Calaveras imagenes. Traditionally, sugar skulls are used to decorate renders or sacrifices, just as they are dedicated to returning to the soul on the day of the dead. Yes, they are skull-shaped sugars that make them sweet, decorated with bright icing, tin foil, etc. Ofrendas often include sugar skulls, photographs, and treasured items of the departed, as well as favorite foods.

Day of the dead skull drawing, day of cenote Calavera!

Because Mexicans are positive about death, its symbol - the sugar skull - is very popular among Mexicans. It is used not only for annual celebrations but also for everyday life. Sometimes, the designer will even start with the sheets that accompany you every night. Named the popular sugar skull bedding!

When you are in Mexico on the Day of the Dead, you have to dance, drink a second cup of tequila or Dos Equis beer, crush it and eat a sweet sugar skull. After that, you will indulge in the inevitable things in life, see the endless joy of the future, and thank you for the passage of time. As written in some books, Mexicans will say that nothing is better than a rainbow-colored sugar skull in their hands. "hooray!" they shouted. "hooray, Maya! hooray, Aztec! Hooray, the ancient god of death!"


In this way, the sugar skull is not related to the symbol of darkness and tragedy, and even stands opposite to them, telling the story and memory of you and another world's loved ones. Most of the beautiful sugar skull SVG can't be achieved through makeup in our daily life. It is better to wear jewelry with a sugar skull symbol to maintain this connection in daily life. Let death be a part of life attitude.

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