What does Saint Michael protect you from?

In all of our lives, sometimes we need the support of our spiritual teachers. One of the strongest and most protective guides was st. Michael. St. Michael was not a saint. He's an archangel. Archangel Michael is considered the leader of all angels and the head of god's army. As a healer of the sick and guardian of the Catholic church, Michael was a champion of courage, protection, integrity, strength, and truth.

Protection From Michael

When you find yourself struggling with any of these attributes, Michael is the angel to summon. Archangel Michael is one of the easiest Archangels to reach out to. He is known to answer quickly when called upon. He is an extremely powerful angel and able to match his vibration to ours at will, making him extremely accessible. A spirit warrior, Michael makes connections with those humans he believes will clearly receive his messages and carry forth his spiritual work on earth.

Those who are dying would find great comfort from St. Michael. He is a calming presence and reassures those close to death that God and the heavenly angels are watching over them on their journey to the afterlife. Catholics believe that Michael is the angel of death, and he escorts the souls of faithful people into the arms of their Father.

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He is usually pictured carrying a spiritual (sometimes flaming) sword with beautiful white or silver wings and a stunning blue aura. He is one of a few angels mentioned by name in the Bible and other religious texts and is a defender of Christ, as well as humanity.

St. Michael is Watching Over You

Angels often leave clues or signs to encourage, comfort, and guide those people who visit. Whether it's to reassure us they are by our sides, help us through a difficult time, or merely to let us know they're there if we need them, these beings will always find a way of alerting us to their presence. The messages are often unexpected and unexplained. Michael wants them to know that he is with them and that he hears their prayers and questions.

If you don’t trust it or do not notice the signs that he sends, he will communicate his message in a different way. The archangel appreciates your faith in him and he will do all he can to help you recognize the signs. No matter how Michael chooses to manifest, he usually announces himself clearly. More than seeing the actual angel, most people see evidence of Michael's presence.

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You Hear a Voice You Can't Ignore

When you are upset or frightened, you may hear an unexpected whisper that seemingly comes out of thin air. Sent as a way to comfort and reassure you, this voice is that of St. Michael.

Michael has the loudest and clearest voice of any of the angels. He is known for his booming, clear voice. He is not trying to be bossy or bark orders at us. His goal is to get our attention and convince us to advocate for ourselves. It is his distinct way of letting us know that he is there when we need him. His blunt delivery may be slightly jarring, but his messages are always filled with love.

You Feel Surrounded by an Unexpected Peace

When Michael and the other angels are with us, their presence is accompanied by a feeling of peace. People who feel the archangel’s energy during a crisis always mention its calming effect, which allows them to think and act clearly during the emergency.

Michael embraces us in his wings. While it is possible for him to stay with us continuously if we ask him to, we usually do not notice the strength of his presence until we call upon him during a crisis. This ability to instantly calm nerves and soothe hearts is one of St. Michael’s abundant gifts.

You Find a Feather

St Michael is a very clear communicator. What you hear most often is his guidance in your mind or intuition. Sometimes, in order to express his opinion clearly, Michael sends physical signals as evidence of guidance. As Archangel Michael is a protector, his logo is designed to comfort and reassure. If you question or don't notice his signal, he will find a way to convey his message in a different way until you calm down.

One of the most famous signs that you have been visited by an angel is that you have found a feather. These magical blessings are cherished by many people as soon as they are discovered. Feathers are often called "business cards", and they stay to remind us that angels are guarding us.

You See an Aura of Glowing Blue Light

Guardian angels emit a beautiful pure-white radiance that some people see with their physical eyes. These lights look like sparkling shimmers or flashes of brightness, similar to the flash from a camera. The archangels have specific colored lights that correspond to each one’s purpose. Archangel Michael’s aura color is a bright, bold blue. Many people report seeing Michael's blue lights in a crisis.

Connection with St. Michael

When our lives are in crisis and our path becomes unclear, it is helpful to have a helping hand to guide us in the right direction. In times such as these, St. Michael provides the support and clarity to help us find our way. Inspired by St. Michael, we designed some jewelry related to St. Michael. St Michael rings, guardian angel ring, and pendants.


Protect my sons Corey Aarin and Trevor from harm and negative forces or ill will also protect their families and my grandkids Bella Krue and Sloane protect me from negative harm and illness and my brothers and sister Joy and families also my husband Mike and my Dad and Aunties and cousins fight Evil for us St Michael thx for your protection in a dark time of a lot of envy jealousy and hatred

Michele May 25, 2024

I’m scared, I lost my mom recently. I miss her so very much. My husband is 23 years older than I am. I’ll be 67 in August. I’m so afraid of my future alone. Can St Michael help me ?

Nancy Germano May 25, 2024

Covid ICU nurse, he couldn’t be more blunt, a pendent dropped out of my car that I have never seen before. Read this and it makes sense why he reaches out…. I’m constantly with people in their last moments. Needed this.

Tricia January 04, 2022

Saint Michael protect us and pray for us and guide us and help us and bless us

Patricia A Salinas January 04, 2022

Saint Michael I love you and thank you. Please guide and protect us and bless us. Please watch over us and stay with us continuously. Please help us and defend us and protect Jesse and Timothy and my family and friends and relatives in Jesus name Amen

Patricia A Salinas January 04, 2022

I have dreamed with Archangel Michael, in different ways. What does that mean? I also dreamed with Saint Gabriel, a few years ago. I am honor to have such dreams, but I would love to learn what they mean.

Maribel camacho August 24, 2021

Michael watching over me please help my Daughters.

John Olsen June 27, 2021

Faith, is not for wimps.

Dave January 19, 2021

St Michael is fighting to help me. He and other angels are fighting against the bad and fears I have

Michael December 31, 2020

It’s interesting and how do pray to connect to arkangel Michael

Brian November 04, 2020

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