How Much Do You Know about Snake Jewelry?

In today’s society, snakes are a statement symbol for people to show their personality. It can be found in many different aspects and has been included in people’s fashion life. Snake jewelry, clothing, bags, shoes and so much more. When it comes to fashion and design, the snake is one of the lasting patterns that never goes out of fashion. Snake pattern is not a fast fashion product since it has a long history, dating back to ancient Egypt. It is a trendy and unique symbol. Due to its unique characteristic and the fashionable design by designers, snake jewelry would never be out of date. So, once you own a snake jewelry, you can wear it for decades when it is cared for properly. Today we will share things about snake jewelry. If you want to learn more about snake jewelry, please read on.

History of snake jewelry

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When mentioning snake jewelry, we can not avoid talking about a woman, the Queen Victoria, who chose a snake ring as her wedding ring. It was in 1840, Prince Albert customized this snake ring for Queen Victoria, and it became a token of their love. This ring has extraordinary significance. Its surface is made of gold and the middle is inlaid with gems. It looks very noble. Moreover, the surface of the outer ring is also carved with very delicate patterns, and the serpentine appearance looks very vivid. And although this style of ring looks a little scary, it was also used to ward off evil spirits at that time, so the queen would wear it with her. This wedding made snake jewelry popular among many people, both men and women. From then on, they were worn by people as a trendy statemnet. 

Snake jewelry for men

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The pattern of snakes used to design jewelry can be dated back to the ancient Egyptian era in 1600 BC. When it comes to snake jewelry, there are a lot of snake jewelry designed for men. They have been a trendy symbol in the world of the people who love snakes. People who have a love of snakes have uesd snakes on their accessories. 

Snake jewelry for women

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The females have an association with snake jewelry. In the 19th century, snake jewelry was sought after by women. The snake pattern can be used to design different types of jewelry. Snake rings , earrings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces. Among these types of jewelry, the snake ring was particularly popular in the nineteenth century among females who loved the style. Snake rings look great when paired with a snake bracelet, necklace, or a pair of earrings.

However, finding the perfect snake jewelry is not as easy as it goes.

Find the right snake jewelry 

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As snake jewelry has a big market, there are many jewelry stores that offer snake jewelry of different prices and different quality. So, It is a little difficult to shop for affordable and high-quality snake jewelry. When it comes to shop snake jewelry, we will consider several factors. Different people care about different aspects. In general, the price of the jewelry is linked to its quality. It is to say that you need to pay more if you want to buy high-quality jewelry. For the question of quality and budget, someone will focus on the quality and they are eager to find snake jewelry that can last for a long time. Some of the people want to buy a cheap one and don’t really care about the quality, they treat it as a one time jewelry. However, I believe most people prefer good quality and low prices. You have to do some research before buying snake jewelry and it is better to choose some stores with good reputation. 


Snake jewelry is the great adornment suitable to match with your outfits for four seasons. It is because snake jewelry has a wide range of designs and materials. What’s the most important is to select the snake jewelry matching with your temperament. Masculine, feminine, unisex... Snake jewelry comes in different styles to suit different tastes and temperaments. There is no doubt that snake jewelry is popular with both men and women. They are something that can be used to enhance people's style. The unique and trendy look of snake jewelry makes it become most people’s choice.

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