Why are Snake Rings so Popular?

What do you think about snake rings? Are they good luck or bad luck? The answers of this question may divide us into two parts roughly. One part is those who hate snakes. Snakes are unpopular because they are dangerous and fierce. However, there are still many people who are infatuated with snakes. They treat snakes as pets and are very close to them. Most of us think that snakes are cold-blooded and frightening animals when we mention them, but why do many people still love snake rings? 

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It is believed that many senior jewelry fans are familiar with snake jewelry. There are various styles and designs of snake rings on the market. We can't help buying one to wear when we see a snake ring we like. So, what's the special charm of snake rings? What is the reason that makes it popular all over the world?

They think the snake ring is full of personality and believe in the meaning behind it. 

The origin of the snake ring


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Snake ring, as the name suggests, a ring featuring a snake. In fact, the element of the snake has been active in jewelry designing for thousands of years. Dating back to ancient Egypt, the manifestation of the snake was the Ouroboros, whose head and tail were connected, implying endless life. It was considered as the Pharaoh's protective god and began to appear in ornaments. From the 1920s to 1950s, European culture was greatly influenced by oriental culture. Especially the Indian culture, which has the most significant influence on the jewelry industry. Indians love snakes and their jewelry craftsmen introduced these Ouroboros rings to other countries. It symbolizes eternal love.

In the Victorian period of Britain, the snake has been endowed with various positive meanings since ancient times, carrying the blessings and blessings of the ancient civilization. The 19th century snake jewelry represents the expectation of eternal love, which is very popular with people. It symbolizes the meaning of "wisdom and eternity". This kind of jewelry reached its peak in Europe in the 1840s, thanks to Queen Victoria of England. Her marriage with Prince Albert was witnessed by a snake ring. Since its popularity, rebirth and transformation have become the symbolic meaning of the snake. The Queen's preference makes the snake rings to stand out in jewelry. The snake element has also become one of the most stylish jewelry in the Victorian era. It is not difficult to find the snake rings in 19th century oil paintings. Most of the snake rings in this period were inlaid with various gems on the snake body, and turquoise was particularly common.

The symbolic meaning of wearing a snake ring

It integrates the essence of ancient Roman mythology, especially the totem of the snake into the design of ornaments, presenting exquisite artistic masterpieces of designers and craftsmen. The snake shape is often used as an element of jewelry and decoration. With the skin of the snake, it symbolizes constant transformation and hopes to be young forever and obtain eternal life! In those ancient civilizations, the snake represented the darkness from the underworld and the light power of justice. In Greek or Roman mythology, snakes also have symbols of rebirth, protection and wisdom. In ancient Roman times, it was regarded as the guardian God of home safety. If there is a kind of creature that is both good and evil in the world, the snake is probably the most typical one.

Final thoughts

Snake rings have a long history as they become accessories for people to adorn themselves and they are never out of fashion. Some people choose snake rings because of their fashion and unique appearance. Some people are because of its meaning. So, why do you want to wear a snake ring? Just for decoration or catching people’s attention? What do you want to show by wearing snake rings?

However, the curved snake shape is frightening, so some people say that you can't wear a snake ring casually. It up to you to wear a snake ring or not. You can choose a snake ring according to your own preferences. If you like it, you can wear it.

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