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Octopus is distributed in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans. They have eight legs and no skeletal system. Octopus has a complex nervous system and excellent eyesight. It is one of the most intelligent and diverse animals among all invertebrates.

This impressive octopus has various symbolic meanings. On the spiritual level, the octopus represents our willpower and concentration. The octopus is very intelligent and capable of getting out of trouble. The octopus observes the environment, adapts, bends, and then finds a strategic way to fix things or make them better.

Octopus jewelry has many symbolic meanings, such as adaptation, emotions, flexibility, intelligence, inventiveness, regeneration.

Octopus Jewelry Symbolism and Meaning

Intelligence and Adaptation

The biggest characteristic of the octopus is its intelligence. It is one of the smartest creatures in the ocean. Octopuses play, solve problems, navigate through mazes, and possess a respectable short-term memory. The octopus’s brain is proportionally as large as the brains of certain mammals, but it exhibits a high degree of organization, which helps it catch prey and avoid predators.

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Octopus is a master of disguise. The octopus can change color quickly and finally blend into the environment. They can be hidden from the naked eye by imitating specific objects such as plants or rocks. When threatened by a predator, they will discharge black ink to disguise themselves and distract the attacker. Although the nervous system of an octopus includes a central brain, three-fifths of its nerves are distributed on eight arms, which act as eight mini-brains. No wonder it's so smart.

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This octopus tentacle ring is exactly what you need to complete your accessory look. The ring is made of stainless steel with the theme pattern of octopus tentacles, which creates a look that is stylish and masculine.


The octopus can grow arms again. This ability, coupled with the ability to separate limbs, means that the octopus can avoid problems and dangers and leave the past behind. This physical ability and structure give the octopus extra meaning, including renewal, life cycle and soul evolution.

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This ability of octopus can not help but trigger our thinking: what can we free from life to reduce our burden? Furthermore, in order to bring us closer to our highest interests, what distracting parts of ourselves can we abandon?

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Octopus shows that we need to regenerate ourselves by getting rid of negative thoughts, complexes, and everything that prevents us from leading a better life. This octopus ring will give you the courage to regenerate and transform. This stainless steel octopus skull ring is also available in 925 Silver.

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This is a vintage and detailed octopus skull ring. The distressed effect gives the ring a super texture. The twisted octopus legs have finely detailed suction cups.


Octopuses do not have a spine, so they are very flexible. Octopus has the most flexible appendages in nature. In addition to being soft and strong, each of the animal's eight arms can be bent, twisted, elongated and shortened to produce various movements in a variety of combinations.

Symbolism in Different Cultures and Religions

The symbol of fish is very powerful in Christianity. Therefore, almost all marine life has a sacred meaning in the Bible. Similarly, octopuses, squids and strong sea monsters are also considered extraordinary "nautical freaks."

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For the Japanese, octopus is an important food source and is considered to be a very important food delicacy. In some parts of Japan, the octopus is a symbol of sex. In some Japanese folktales, octopuses can transform themselves into human forms to seduce women. In Japan, the octopus is also a symbol of a person who handles a huge workload or handles multiple things at the same time.

In Africa, the octopus may also be a symbol of the sun, because the sun is represented with a circular face and three arms or legs sprouting in three directions.

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