Gthic Gift Guide for Dad in 2022

Mother's Day is over, don't neglect your father. With the contrast to Mother's Day, Father's Day gifts are more important than ever. In fact, buying a gift for my dad is a major achievement. If you ask him what he wants, he'll usually make it harder for your surprise, and he'll answer, "I don't want anything." Still, you'll spend days researching to surprise him, after all, Dad was once your Superman and Santa Claus.

It's time to think about managing your father's image. Men with personality will wear bracelets, pendants and rings! Jewelry for Father's Day would be a great option. A restrained piece of jewelry that matches Dad's preferences will surprise him when he receives the gift.

DAD Rings

These three rings have distinctive features, and the words on the rings indicate that this is a gift to my father. First of all, the first ring is a Father's Day themed ring made of stainless steel. The inner ring of the ring is engraved with "Love You Dad", expressing a restrained confession to his father. The ring has a variety of colors to choose from, which can be said to be a flexible choice ring.

The second ring is also made of stainless steel, and the style is more retro than the first. This is a signet ring, which adopts the technique of dripping oil. The black paint color is fuller, and the simple lines just show the classic retro tone of the ring. Polished smooth inner wall makes you more comfortable to wear.

The material of the third ring is 925 silver, and the overall tone of the ring is rural style, with "DAD" engraved wooden boards and hearts surrounded by hemp ropes nailed to the rock-stacked wall. On the side of the ring are some patterns of flowers and grass, and the whole ring depicts romantic pastoral poetry. Such beautiful scenery may be a memory of your father when he was young, or a comfortable life after retirement. A romantic pastoral ring would make a warm holiday gift.

Bracelet & Pendant

The cool thing about men's jewelry is that they are made from unconventional materials like stainless steel, tungsten steel, and carbon fiber. This type of jewelry is usually stylish and more durable. Men's bracelets are wider and stronger than women's.

Fashion is what every man is pursuing, and everyone has a different definition of fashion. This bracelet combines several classic and trendy elements: leather, braid and chain. Leather will look vintage over time, and the woven chain neutralizes the soft vibe it imparts. The bracelet has two clasps, you can choose according to your preference.

Dragons are powerful creatures in various myths. They are one of the popular and enduring elements of men's jewelry. Dragons represent the preeminent beasts, rivals and demons. Knights and warriors take pride in slaying dragons, and people seek the power of dragons. With a dragon theme, this bracelet wraps around the wrist, giving the wearer strength and confidence.

If there is no special need, send a pendant with a meaning of blessing. The ancient ancestors decorated their necks with skulls or shells to ward off evil things, and some tribes used special pigments to paint their skins to prevent evil from entering the body. The skeleton on this pendant uses a gas mask to protect itself from the gas, and in a way, it's also a blessing for the present - free from the virus.


In addition to ordinary jewelry, look at your father's wardrobe, cuffs are a classic and practical gift option. If your dad is someone who dresses up a lot, you'll be happy with these options. Every shirt should have matching cufflinks. There are a variety of cufflinks to choose from, including stainless steel and copper. Some are inlaid with gemstones to make it look more sophisticated. Some have distinctive themes, such as skull sleeves. Buttons, steampunk cufflinks, nautical cufflinks, and more, take your dad's shirt look away from the monotony.

Customized it

To make Father's Day gifts even more special, you can also choose customized products or products with engraving services. Customized products can make unique products according to your requirements or pictures, but this type of jewelry takes longer to make and process because of customization. The engraving service is very simple, write down the information you want, and it will produce a jewelry that only belongs to you.


There’s more than one way to show you love him, but a gift from you is the best of all. So don’t worry whether your father like it or not. Because no matter what gift you give, he will feel your heart. Well, that's all my recommendation, of course, there are still a lot of great jewelry waiting for you to discover in the Gthic store. Finally, Happy Holidays to all dads!

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