How to Choose a Skull Ring?

Skull rings are always a trendy ring style and never go out of fashion. As skull rings representing for toughness and trending, it has been the best choice for cool men to show their masculinity. Men can wear rings, earrings, necklaces and other ornaments to show their fashion sense and match their outfits. There are more and more options for men to consider completing their daily outfits. Watches and cuff links are common accessories in men’s daily outfits, but rings are playing an important role in personal decoration. Do you enjoy wearing skull rings? Do you have something to express through skull rings?

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How many skull rings do you have? Or you just a new buyer and want to find a quick guidance on how to buy a perfect skull ring and how to wear it? Today let’s talk about how to choose men’s skull rings.

When it comes to selecting the perfect skull rings, then you have to answer these four questions.

What is the size of your finger?

Once you have decided to buy a skull ring, then right ring size matters. So, how to find your right ring size?

Ring size includes two things. The first one is circumference, meaning the diameter of your finger. Another is bandwidth. Bandwidth is the area the ring will cover on your finger.  If you have already known the diameter of your finger that it is easy for you to go to the next step: select the right bandwidth.

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If you have thin and long fingers, then you should select a wider ring to decorate your fingers, while short fingers are better choose thinner rings. Here are two ways you can measure you ring size if this is your first time to buy a skull ring, or you are not really sure what ring size you are. The first way is going to a jewelry store to ask the jewelry professional. The second way is use ring dimension measuring device. Or you go to read this ring size guide article to find the best way to measure your ring size at home.

You have to find the most suitable ring size and ensure that the ring is not too tight to take out and fit. Our skull rings can be crafted in most sizes and sits well on any fingers, you can also ask for custom service.

What about your budget?

Skull rings made of different materials always have a variety of prices. You can choose affordable and high-quality skull rings at Gthic.
This ring is made of stainless steel, which is a combination of skull and guitar.  This is a perfect ring for those who are deep in rock music.
Crow Sterling Silver Skull Ring - - Blog
If you are the one who purchasing luxury jewelry, this raven skull ring is for you. Or maybe you will love our 16 skull rings set.

What type of skull rings do you want?

There is a wide range designs of skull rings. Some are fond of minimalist design style rings, while others prefer sophisticated design style.

As for working days, the simple and plain design would be better for those who need to working with their hands most of the time, because they can make sure their fingers more flexible. If you are planing to go to a party or going shopping with your friends that it is suitable to choose a massive ring to turn a few heads.

As for skull elements, you can choose our collections of sugar skull rings, “Till Death Do Us Part” rings, all seeing eye skull rings, joker skull ringsetc.

As for metals, skull rings can be made of different types of materials. Stainless steel, sterling silver, gold. Now stainless steel and sterling silver skull rings are popular. Bikers always wear stacking stainless steel skull rings to complete their outfits. This is a stainless steel skull ring inspired by a phrase "Till Death Do Us Part".


As for colors, skull rings are not only one color and there are designed in different colors. The most common colors are silver, black and gold. However, some are adorned with stones of different colors. If you choose a skull ring adorned with stones, then you have more options. These stone can be colorful, such as blue, red, green and so on. 

 Dragon Eye Stainless Steel Skull Claw Ring

This skull claw ring is adorned with stones designed to eye - catching dragon eyeballs, you can choose four different colors, blue, yellow, purple and red.

How many skull rings should you wear?

People always believe that “Less is more”. However, what it really matters is not the quantity of the skull rings you wear. Bikes would like to adorn their fingers with massive skull rings to attract other people’s attention when riding their motorcycle. They prefer to wearing stacking skull rings to enhance their style. So, firstly, your preference and personality matters. If you want to wear a skull ring to match you outfit that the most suitable is perfect. If you have a soft spot for stacking rings, you can wear two and even more skull rings on one of your fingers. If you prefer decorating all your fingers, just wear them all your ten fingers, but remember to make your fingers feel comfortable and better wear it on the hand that you use less actively. Show your individuality by wearing your skull rings. Secondly, quality matters. A high-quality ring is always better that lot of poor quality rings. 

Final words

Rock stars and bikers have been wearing skull rings to show their life attitude and style. Wearing attractive skull rings can help rock stars and bikers to create a specific style and make people impressive. However, it doesn’t mean that they are only for rock stars and bikers. Whatever you are a biker or not, skull rings have become most men’s choice to complete their stylish outfits. Whatever you are a rock star or not, skull rings for men are affordable and easy to get if you are deep in them.

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