How to Clean & Maintain Your Silver Ring?

How to Clean & Maintain Your Silver Ring?

Nowadays, many young people like to wear some silver ornaments, such as silver bracelets, earrings, rings, etc. Although silver is relatively cheap, wearing silver ornaments looks younger than gold, and many silver ornaments are fashionable, which can meet the fashion pursuit of young people.

We all have pieces of jewelry lying around or that we wear every day but have neglected taking care of it. In order to keep your jewelry in its perfect silver state, you must clean it and regularly take care of it. There are special products that you can buy in the store but they can be expensive and sometimes harsh, you may only need this in the toughest of tarnish situations. The best thing about silver is that it can be cleaned up using general household items and products, and we are here to find out which ones work.

First of all, you should know...

What is tarnish?

Tarnish is a thin layer of corrosion that quickly forms over your silver jewelry, resulting in the formation of a dark coating that is undesirable to look at. Tarnish is basically the dulling of silver that typically occurs as a chemical reaction with hydrogen sulfide or sulfur present in the atmosphere. In most cases, some believe that the tarnish is caused by oxidation but it is not true since silver is not reactive to water or oxygen at average temperatures. Nevertheless, the metal in the alloy such as copper does tend to react with oxygen.

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Oxidized silver jewelry

This is why silver is generally stored in air-restricted spaces - although since most jewelry boxes and cabinets are not airtight it still allows for the tarnishing process, just at a slower pace. In addition to the air, your silver jewelry may very well react with your skin's alkaline levels. The presence of Sulphur and amino acids that can be found in perspiration can cause discoloration to your skin and jewelry. Cleaning the jewelry regularly helps to avoid this type of discoloration.

In addition to going to a professional maintenance center, you can maintain the silver ornaments at home. After learning these tips, the maintenance of silver ornaments will be very simple in the future, and it will reduce the possibility of blackening the silver ornaments. The maintained silver ornaments look very glossy. Let's find out how to clean a silver ring at home.

  1. It is the best way to maintain silver ornaments by wearing them on people's bodies. Because the human body secretes a lot of oil every day, the oil can play a role in moistening the silver ornaments, and the silver ornaments will always maintain the brightness.
  1. When wearing silver ornaments, you should avoid friction and scratching. When you wear silver jewelry, don't wear other jewelry. Because several kinds of jewelry are mixed together, it is easy to scratch the silver jewelry. Sometimes, the silver jewelry will be pulled carelessly to cause deformation, because the silver itself is very soft, after deformation, it is not easy to restore it to the original shape. At the same time, it will bring loss to itself, and silver ornaments will lose their original beauty.
  1. When you take a warm bath and swim, you should take the silver jewelry down. The silver jewelry should be used in a dry environment. In addition, when we wash dishes at home, we can't wear silver ornaments on our hands. When the detergent we use for washing dishes touches the silver ornaments, it will also hurt the silver ornaments. The luster will be very dim, and there is certain corrosion to the silver ornaments.
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A cloth for polishing silver jewelry


  1. If you don't wear the silver ornament, you must wipe the stains and water stains on the surface with a tissue paper, and then put it in a special box. If you don't have a special box, you can put it in a sealed container, which should be isolated from the air, so as to prevent the silver from turning black after oxidation.
  1. When you find that your silver jewelry has yellow marks on its surface, you can easily handle it at home. That is to take some toothpaste that we usually use to brush our teeth, add some water to the toothpaste to clean the silver surface, and the silver will become bright and clean.
  1. If you usually forget to collect the silver ornaments, you will find that it turns black. In fact, this is the silver that has been oxidized. Now use a small clean silver brush to clean every gap of jewelry. Then take some special silver maintenance agent, wipe it back and forth where there is a black mark on the silver, and then wipe it with a silver cloth, and the original luster will be restored.
  1. When silver ornaments are maintained at ordinary times, try to use less special water for washing silver. If you use it often, it will make silver turn yellow easily. After all, silver washing water is also a chemical. Usually, you can use a special silver cloth to wipe, because the special silver cloth has the material to maintain silver, and can restore the luster of most silver. But it should be noted that the special silver cloth must not be washed with water.
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If you search for how to clean sterling silver, you will probably find yourself looking at a cleaning method that uses vinegar and aluminum. Though this does clean sterling silver, it's not something you should try if your jewelry has gemstones.

The aluminum can also damage your jewelry if it is made of any other kind of silver. Unless you're completely sure your jewelry is made of sterling silver and doesn't have any other materials, you should avoid washing your jewelry this way.

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