How to look like a rocker?

Choose the Right Outfit

Find the right bottoms. Jeans, especially ripped and worn-out jeans, are an excellent choice for more rock and roll outfits and are suitable for all rock styles.

If you want indie rock or folk rock style, you can consider rolling up your jeans trousers a little. You can wear skinny jeans to achieve a modern rock style effect. If you like punk rock style, try tight-fitting pleated pants, plaid skirt or plaid trousers.

Choose the right tops. A solid color T-shirt, especially the basic white or black, plus skinny jeans will always be cool. Generally speaking, the simpler the T-shirt, the better, and the retro ones will be cooler than the brand new ones.

You can choose a shirt or jacket to wear outside the T-shirt, such as flannel shirts, denim jackets and western shirts. Rolling up your sleeves will be even cooler. If you don’t want to wear a shirt on your body, you can also tie it around your waist.

The leather jacket is perhaps the most prominent element in the rock style. Patches or rivets are usually attached to the jacket. In all rock styles, leather material has always been an acceptable and popular choice for shirts, pants, dresses or jackets, and its use may be one of the most obvious avant-garde signs associated with all rock genres.

Accessorizing the Style

Buy a pair of rock shoes or boots. Combat boots or sandals with metal fittings are suitable for a tough rocker look. Canvas shoes are great for soft rock styling, such as independence, folk or grunge rock. Basic boots, dress shoes and sneakers are suitable for classic rock styling.

If your clothing has leather and rivet elements, wearing sunglasses will make you look cooler.

Strictly speaking, not all shapes need hats to decorate, but they can be used as a supplement to certain rock styles. For example, the dome hat is suitable for grunge style, the top hat is suitable for punk style, the cowboy hat is good for metal or classic style, and the baseball hat is for modern rock.

Finally, one thing you must not forget is to choose the right rock jewelry. Keywords for rock jewelry are generally skull, metal, bold, heavy, etc.

Retro Pirate Stainless Steel Skull Ring - - Blog

Rock Jewelry

The skull is the main element of rock jewelry. It comes from the image of the pirate black flag that has existed for centuries. This is the image of a rebel, an outlaw, a person who lives by different rules.

In the rock industry, it is believed that Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones pioneered the skull trend. He has worn the skull ring a long time ago (the early 70s).

Although people often associate skulls with danger, this type of jewelry actually represents toughness and bravery. Rock singers like to wear skull jewelry because they look very masculine. For them, skull jewelry is a fashion attribute. Many people wear skull jewelry to prove their courage in adversity. Men also wear skull rings to increase confidence, show masculinity and inner strength.

The cross is another major element of rock jewelry. Not only the Catholic cross, but also the Celtic cross and other crosses.

Retro Cross Stainless Steel Punk Ring - - Blog

The main reason why rock singers wear cross jewelry is that the cross is a controversial symbol, which can easily cause an uproar and help them grab the headlines. The church and its followers do not approve of wearing the cross as fashion jewelry. This fact undoubtedly encourages rock musicians and other rock lovers to wear cross jewelry with a more provocative look.

Rock Runes Stainless Steel Skull Ring 02 - - Blog

Are you looking for a skull ring for your rocker look? If so, then this a great piece to consider. The Rock rune skull ring is ideal for rock buffs, motorcycle enthusiasts, and every man appreciating skull symbolism. With this ring on your hand, attention to your persona is guaranteed.

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If you are looking for a rocker necklace, this pendant is exactly what you need to complete your rock look. Merging together two loves of rock and roll, our Skull Guitar Pendant will inspire the rocker in you. The piece is an eye-catcher and so, especially unique for your rocker jewelry collection.


This rock bracelet is made of stainless steel with the thematic pattern of the skull that creates a look that is both dark and rugged, making it great for any punk skull fans.

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