Is zircon good for rings?

Zircon is the birthstone of December and symbolizes success. It is a silicate mineral, they are colorful and can be cut into various shapes. Zircon is a natural gemstone whose refractive index is second only to diamond and has a high dispersion value. The colorless and transparent zircon resembles diamond and is a good substitute for diamond. Therefore, the zircon looks very good on rings.

The Variety of Zircon Rings

Animal Rings

The combination of animals and zircon is not uncommon. The designer seizes the characteristics of animals and uses zircon as the finishing touch to add spirituality to the ring. For example, this spider skull ring, the spider-shaped ring is a more common category in the animal world, and it is also a frequent visitor in major fashion shows. The spider's eight legs are well-articulated, slender and beautiful, and have obvious symmetrical aesthetics. In addition, spiders are good at spinning silk and weaving webs, and they have the reputation of being focused and calm. It is combined with the shape of the skull, implying victory over demons, peace and happiness. In particular, the embellishment of red gemstones brings the finishing touch to the whole ring. It is bright and unobtrusive, implying that joy is coming from the sky and good luck will come again and again.

The shape of the rabbit is exquisite and cute, and it is very popular among girls. In many cartoon animations, the rabbit is a representative of wisdom and flexibility, and with red gemstone eyes, it is more like a violent rabbit with a sense of justice. The characteristics also imply to encourage girls to be independent, bravely resist unfairness, and be a heroic girl of justice.

In Taylor Swift's MV, the snake is used as a feature album, specially used to symbolize her rebirth and satirize the Internet violence in the past. Since then, the snake ring has ushered in another re-examination of public aesthetics. In Greek mythology, the double-headed snake is the invincible protector of Hera and the protector of women. The designer inlaid red gemstones on the basis of the double-headed snake, which not only implies protection, but also implies the rebirth of women's bright and flamboyant.

The shape of the dragon claw ring is very impactful, and it is a unique dragon claw gemstone ring. The dragon claws are sharp and mighty, full of attack power, suitable for all kinds of dancing parties. Although the dragon claw is ferocious and rough, the gemstones of various colors are bright and dazzling. The gemstones are inlaid in the center of the dragon claw, just like a lost princess and a rough and tough guy. The beauty has a strong impact.

Culture & Art

The wisdom of human beings is endless. In the long history, human beings have created many brilliant civilizations, including romantic Celtic culture and dark Gothic art. The wisdom crystallization of these human civilizations is like zircon Just as colorful. Jewelry designers integrate culture into zircon rings, create a variety of works of art, and bring many innovations to the design of zircon rings.

Celtic knots are flexible, and a single rope can be woven into intricate and graceful shapes. Celtic knots can be changed arbitrarily, flexible, romantic and mysterious. The designer inlaid the Celtic knot on the ring, which not only implies romance and beauty, but also contains surprises that love can be seen everywhere. The romantic knots are embellished with beautiful gemstones of various colors, satisfying people's fantasy and pursuit of beauty.

The Gothic style is complicated and mysterious, and its style will produce wonderful reactions when it is used in jewelry design. Half holy, half dark, mysterious and elegant. Gothic gem rings are indeed mysterious and dark, but darkness does not mean depravity, it is more about showing an attitude towards life, being independent but not following the trend. Embellished with gothic patterns, it is inlaid with bright gemstones of different colors, like a black swan, confident and independent.

I classify wings as cultural art because wings symbolize freedom. It can be the wings of birds or angels. Its diversity also means that culture, art and jewelry design have no boundaries. The wings on this ring are made of stainless steel, the shape is tough and stylish, with a sense of lightness and freedom in the rigidity. Freedom without restraint is at the heart of this ring. The designer inlaid diamond-like cubic zirconia in the shape of feather wings, which brings visual aesthetic impact to this ring and makes people who wear it feel the beauty and joy of life!


Jewelry rings come in a variety of shapes and bright colors, and each ring has a unique style and meaning. The several zircon rings mentioned above are only a small part and cannot represent all. People have endless whimsy ideas on rings. There is always one suitable for you in all kinds of jewelry rings. You may wish to click on the link below. Browse more styles of gemstone rings!

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