The 10 Stylish Biker Rings from Gthic

Motorcycle is not only a means of transportation, but also symbolizes freedom and exciting life. Decades ago, an idea triggered a movement, and finally grew into a social identity, a motorcycle culture, and is deeply rooted in our lives today. With the rapid increase of bikers, biker jewelry and accessories have been born.

As a man who is fond of fashion and style, jewelry and accessories are a must. From watches, cufflinks, rings to other types of jewelries, these ornaments can help you to create your own style and complete your outfit. As a biker, they usually complete their outfit with jackets, helmets and jewelry. For biker jewelry, biker rings are a must to create a biker look. When bikers hold the motorcycle handles, they can display their rings directly. Obviously, the biker ring they wore has also become an indispensable element to catch other people’s eyes.

When it comes to biker rings, there are different designs. Today we will introduce 10 most stylish biker rings here. All of these10 biker rings can be divided into 4 styles, biker club, motorcycle, skull and animal elements. 

Biker Rings - Motorcycle elements

    Motorcycles are the most important item for a biker. The bikers are always interested in items that are related to their “motorcycle”. Are you a biker? Have you joined the biker club? How much do you know about bikers and their biker club? From July 28, 1914 to November 11, 1918, the first World War broke out in Europe, and the flames of war finally spread to the world. It is precisely because of the world war that motorcycles have been pushed to a very important position. The reason is that efficient two wheeled gas motorcycles have replaced horses, ensuring the effective transmission of war information, and are recognized as the most reliable means of transportation. 

    1.Motorcycle chains

    2.Motorcycle engine and wrench

    Engine Wrench Stainless Steel Skull Ring 

    Biker Rings - Biker Club elements

      After the end of World War II, veterans found inspiration in the motorcycles that once accompanied them on the edge of life and death. Motorcycles are not only useful war tools, but also a way for them to get pleasure and release pressure. Therefore, the first batch of motorcycle clubs dominated by veterans in the United States, the victorious country in World War II, was born. Motorcycles became a link to continue the knight's emotion, and the club became a gathering place for the release of Knight's emotion. The saying "the birthplace of locomotive culture is in the United States" is true.

      3. MC Club

      In 1939, e. Paul Du Ponte, President of DuPont motor company, invested in the Indian Motorcycle Company and cooperated with Harley Davidson to sponsor the American Motorcycle Association (AMA). Through organized competitions, motorcycle sports have been brought into the spotlight. The people who participate in these competitions are mainly the working class at the bottom. With the promotion of activities, motorcycle sports have gradually become a pastime for people who like this sport. 

      Biker Rings - Skull Elements

        4. Surrounded Skulls

        Skull is the most classic and popular theme when talking about biker rings. As a biker, the reason that they wear skull rings is not only for decoration. 

        5. Monster Claw and Skull

        Although most of us believe that a skull is associated with death, in many cultures, a skull symbolizes immortality. As we all know, motorcycle sport is both exciting and dangerous. Bikers always enjoy speed. They wear skull rings to protect them from injuries and death.

        6. Punk Skull

        They believe firmly that a skull ring can become a talisman. Bikers believe in the magical power of skulls.

        Biker Rings - Animal Elements

        Animal rings are popular with bikers. There are different types of animals in the world and it means that you can choose the animal rings you love and wear them on your fingers to show your personality. All of us have our spiritual animal that can represent our personality. Different animals have different abilities and personalities. It also can be reflected to person’s personality. A powerful person is more like a tiger, however, a tender person is more like a rabbit. When it comes to bikers, these people are fond of exciting sports and they have an adventurous spirit. So, the design of animal biker rings are commonly lion,wolf ,dragon etc.

        For fierce and powerful animals, lions, wolves and tigers are good options.





        For magical and mysterious animals, the dragon is considered to be your first selection.


        Final words

        Whether you are a member of a biker club or simply like riding motorcycles, you can select Gthic’s collection of biker rings. Wear it to create your personalized style.

        Thank you for reading. If you want to read more articles about biker jewelry, read here. Or you can just read our previous posts here.


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