What Are Tarot Cards? Can Tarot Card Necklace Bring Bad Luck?

What are tarot cards

Tarot cards are an ancient divination tool, and its origin has always been a mysterious legend. Although the origin of tarot cards has not been conclusive, there are still many scholars who have put forward their views on the history of tarot cards, and there are roughly four kinds of statements.

The History and Origin of Tarot Cards

The Egyptian origin

In 1781, archaeologist Gebelin proposed in his book "The Primitive World" that the Tarot is related to the ancient Egyptian occult book "The Book of Thoth"; this school of scholars believes that Tarot is a combination of the Egyptian words Tar (Tao, Fa) and ro (King), and there are indeed many patterns of the Tarot taken directly from the Egyptian culture.

The Chinese origin

There was a monk named "line" in the Tang Dynasty who invented a card game called leaf play, with many patterns painted on the cards, which can sometimes be used for divination. In addition, Chinese folk knowledge is not popular, but popular among the nobility of the I Ching divination often requires a deep textual background, so the popular folk draw, the revelation on the sign is often expressed in patterns, ancient Chinese and Western many times exchange, so it is not impossible to spread to the West.

The Jewish origin

this school of scholars proposed that the 22 letters of the Hebrew language can exactly correspond to the 22 large Alkona cards, in addition, some people proposed that the number of life of the Kabbalah and the Tarot cards can be used to do the correspondence of the Jewish religion alone, which is quite consistent.

The Indian origin

The small Alkna cards of the Tarot are said to be transmitted from India to the West, and some symbols of the Tarot and the Hindu caste system can be linked, so some scholars suggest that the Tarot is transmitted from India to the West, and after improvement to become the modern form.

The Meaning of Tarot Cards

There are 22 main cards in the Tarot, starting from "The Fool" numbered 0 to "The World" numbered 21, which symbolizes a complete journey of life, and represents the continuous cycle of life. Each tarot card has a complete and unique meaning.

The Fool: This card indicates that if we have an innocent heart that believes in our dreams, we will be able to carry them out and move forward. Therefore, this card also means to solve problems and guide the lost.

The Magician: This card is a metaphor for your natural ability to create and suggests your latent abilities. It also requires a strong will power.

The High Priestess: It symbolizes an invisible, hidden deep in the soul, naturally induced emotion, as well as the intuitive power and intellectual authority of women.

The Empress: The Queen represents the femininity that overflows with maternal tenderness. Motherhood is a metaphor for the birth of life, nurture, the harvest of the earth and material prosperity. She symbolizes happy love, generous material goods and a contented life.

The Emperor: The emperor is a symbol of masculinity and has a deep and solemn image of a father. Its name, IV, indicates that it is in charge of stability and power, suggesting a dominant power in charge of material society. The emperor symbolizes male will and passion, and is full of courage and action, he is the absolute ruler.

The Hierophan: What the priests represent is spiritual authority. In religion, the priest symbolizes morality, deep compassion and insight. He relieves people of their problems and guides them to the right path with his words, so this is a card that represents a call for the awakening of human conscience and good will. In addition, it also symbolizes conservative morality and traditional knowledge.

The Lovers: The card of Lovers symbolizes a relationship between two people who are deeply in love with each other and are immersed in sweetness and happiness. On the contrary, it also suggests the confusion that occurs in a relationship, such as: freedom being restricted by the other person, the emergence of a third party, etc.. Therefore, love is both beautiful and cruel.

The Chariot: This card foretells change, movement and travel.

The Strength: Human beings have the courage to go forward without fear and courage to face the problems they need to face, and this is the meaning of this card. It also symbolizes strong will power, without which mankind will not be able to overcome difficulties and move forward.

The Hermit: This card has the meaning of self-exploration, experiencing multiple experiences in life, learning how to face oneself, and finding the inner self.

Wheel of Fortune: The expression of life has always been circumstantial and incessant. What you sow will bear fruit. This card also has a sense of "predestination".

Justice: This card warns us, no matter when and where, we must adhere to morality and justice, and Dan also has to have a competing mind, not to have the slightest slack.

The Hanged Man: The card of the Hanged Man represents self-examination, self-examination and introspection.

Death: This card suggests a shift, a change of consciousness, a renewal of the mind's roots. This card also foretells -The end of whatever it is, as we welcome the outcome, it is also the beginning of a new journey to a new life and purpose. The most important thing is to look to the future.

Temperance: This card teaches us that the most important thing in life, when faced with various desires in our hearts, is how to control them properly.

The Devil: Fatal attraction always brings entanglement of desire! Don't just look at appearances in everything, stick to your beliefs and don't give up easily so that hope will appear.

The Tower: This card foretells the beginning or end of a cycle in life where you are facing change and conflict. It also suggests a crisis of breakage. It warns us that we should not be too proud and arrogant, but should be humble and introspective and abide by our duty.

The Star: The card Star means avant-garde ideas, hopes and ideals, and foretells the fulfillment of promises. What the Star conveys is the hope that we can give our true love with unstinting dedication, thereby nurturing hope towards a bright future.

The Moon: The moon represents "change". The message of this card is that we pay attention to the activities of the subconscious and detect the instability of things early.

The Sun: This card is meant to express the "joy of life", it also shows the human spirit of community, cooperation and creativity. Through this card, you will find the way to the truth.

Judgement: The card of Judgment tells us to discover the truth and accept new values so that we can have a new life. It alludes to the renewal and regeneration of the mind.

The world: The World card emphasizes the Creator's ability to reconcile yin and yang. As long as you have a grateful heart, you will surely be able to seek happiness and joy in the world you create.

Tarot Card Necklace

When a deeper understanding of the Tarot cards, people are not only attracted by its wonderful patterns, but also its deep meaning. Therefore, tarot cards are not just playing cards, there are many tarot necklaces and pendants on the market.

For those who love tarot cards and divination, a tarot card necklace will delight them. Of course, we need to choose a tarot card necklace with a beautiful meaning as a blessing to our friends like The Sun and Wheel of Fortune.

As tarot cards become more and more popular, different statements flock out. Some believe that tarot cards bring bad luck. Accordingly, wearing a tarot necklace brings bad luck.

But in fact, tarot cards are just a tool to help self-knowledge. What it brings you is not good luck or bad luck, nor the answer itself, but a way to lead you to think so that you can face life and yourself better. So, don't "theologize" it too much.

Let go of that thought and pick out this unique tarot pendant properly. Whether it's a silver or gold tarot necklace, it will be a perfect piece of accessory in your daily ensemble.

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