What does it mean when a man wears a thumb ring

Thumb rings are a bit weird for people from traditional North American culture, but they are actually quite common all over the world. In most societies, a man's thumb ring is a symbol of wealth or influence. They tend to be broad or bulky both to reflect that and fit your thumb comfortably. Thumb rings are usually larger than most rings, so it's better to keep it bold but simple.

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In ancient Greece, only very powerful men or women would wear thumb rings as a sign of strength and dignity. In Chinese philosophy, the concept of yin and yang come into play. It is believed that the yin (left) thumb ring represents self-confidence, and the yang (right) thumb ring represents flexible nature. Nowadays, the thumb ring is most often associated with willpower and masculinity. Many people believe that wearing a ring on the thumb means strength, freedom, independence and individuality.

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The concept of a thumb ring is as old as a mummy. An Egyptian mummy case in the British Museum depicts a woman wearing a ring on both thumbs. In the old days, wearing a thumb ring had a different meaning than now.

  1. 1.The thumb ring is used to resist demons

According to ancient beliefs, in ancient times, thumb rings were generally considered as amulets against evil or disease. It is believed that the thumb ring can drive away evil spirits and avoid diseases.

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  1. 2.Renaissance thumb ring

In Renaissance society, the thumb ring represented love, dedication and loyalty. Women receive a lover's thumb ring when accepting a marriage proposal. Therefore, the thumb ring is another symbol of love and understanding. It reminds people that love is a basic element of life.

  1. 3.Thumb ring can indicate a person's occupation

In the 16th century, doctors and other medical experts wore thumb rings as a sign of their profession.

There are no special finger placement rules for Masonic signet rings. Therefore, members of Freemasonry can also wear it on their thumbs.

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Now anyone can wear a thumb ring, and it can just be a fashion choice. Many times, people like to wear many rings on their fingers as their style, but a wedding ring plus a pinky or middle finger ring can become quite crowded and uncomfortable. However, wearing a ring on your thumb is a good choice. Because when wearing this way, the thumb ring is far away from other rings, which will make you feel more comfortable, and your hands will look less packed with jewelry.

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The thumb ring has certain practicality. The thumb ring is the equipment used to protect the thumb during archery. As we all know, materials in archery are often heavy, so male archers usually wear a thumb ring to protect their skin from any damage when operating the bowstring. In the past, people only used wood and leather to make such rings. Currently, archery thumb rings are made of wood, horns, ivory, ceramics, plastics, metal, glass and stone.

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We have this ring up to size 20 and it is good choice to be a thumb ring. This finely detailed Norse Viking Ring represents the Vegvisir which is the symbol of guidance and protection. This Men's Dragon Ring will offer you protection and will allow you not to lose your way during storms and bad weather, even if you do not know of your destination.

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