What does the vintage ring mean?

The Difference Between Antique, Vintage & Estate Jewelry

The terms antique, vintage and estate are easily confused and misused, let's look at the difference between antique, vintage and estate jewelry.

Vintage Jewelry

If a piece of jewelry is 50 to 100 years old, it is usually called vintage jewelry. Vintage is probably the most common of the three words, because it covers a period of mass production of jewelry. Unlike antique jewelry, vintage jewelry is often worn and displayed because they are less likely to break. Vintage jewelry design is also easier to integrate into fashion avant-garde clothing, because vintage jewelry design is relatively up-to-date, it is easy to match the most popular trend today.

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Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry refers to an item that is more than 100 years old. Antique rings will come from the Georgian era, the Victorian era, the Edwardian era, or the Art Deco era. Many decorative artworks from the 1920s are now considered antiques, especially those made in the early 20th century.

Generally speaking, compared with modern jewelry on the market today, antique jewelry is made of higher quality materials with a higher level of craftsmanship. However, due to the relative scarcity and age of jewelry, the value of most antique jewelry is too high to be worn or even displayed sometimes.

Estate Jewelry

Estate jewelry is any used jewelry. Although described by the word “estate”, the former owner of a piece of estate jewelry is likely to be alive. Although a considerable part of the former owner of estate jewelry has indeed passed away, whether the former owner is still alive has nothing to do with the status of jewelry as a piece of estate jewelry.

Besides, age has nothing to do with whether a piece of jewelry is classified as "estate", estate jewelry includes all second-hand jewelry, whether it is antique or vintage. This item may be less than a month old and can still be considered estate jewelry.

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Vintage-inspired Ring

The design styles and concepts that have been widely influential and popular in the society and were once eliminated are used in the design of new products, so that consumers can resonate and recognize the product and brand from the nostalgic mood. This is the vintage style. Retro style men's rings can be made into dark colors by using the craftsmanship of doing old to make the ring look less new and make the ring more masculine. You can also engrave retro patterns on the ring to achieve the vintage style. For the vintage craftsmanship, the ring adopts original processing methods, as well as some methods of beating, polishing, and inlaying, such as inlaying turquoise, tiger's eye and other retro-style stones on the ring to achieve the retro style.

There are many retro-style rings in our shop. The materials include stainless steel, silver, copper and gemstones.

Vintage Pattern Gem Stainless Steel Ring - Gthic.com - Blog

It is a beautiful ring made from stainless steel and stunning turquoise that creates a look that is both elegant and rugged. The ring above is engraved with retro patterns on the side and inlaid with gems of various colors on the front, creating a vintage style. The white and blue gems are turquoise, and the brown ones are cat's-eye.

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This ring is made of copper or sterling silver, and uses oxidation and doing old methods to achieve a vintage style. Featuring a large, imposing skull with extensive tribal floral carvings, this is first class rocker jewelry featuring more than enough tenacity to make any outfit stand out. With its menacing skull and unique tribal detail, this ring makes a real statement when worn and is sure to grab desirable attention.

Retro Simple Stainless Steel Engraved Ring - Gthic.com - Blog

This is a simple and sophisticated ring. Its front is a smooth square, stylish and simple. Its side is engraved with fine patterns and exquisite workmanship. The surface is treated with dark oxidation. The entire ring looks retro and can be matched with your clothing. This unique ring is also designed to stand the test of time.

Vintage Runes Stainless Steel Viking Ring - Gthic.com - Blog

The lines on the surface of this Vintage Runes Viking Ring are carefully carved. The details are in place, giving the ring a super texture. There are 5 kinds of runes on the ring, which mean breakthrough, fertility, creation, endurance, self-reliance, success, honor, justice, authority and so on. It is a comfortable yet masculine ring, one that you will not be disappointed with.

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