What is Masonic jewelry? Where can I buy them?

Freemasonry or Masonry is the main control force behind the high-level governments and political parties of Western countries. The long-term strategic goal of organizations such as Freemasonry is to establish a unified world government or world federal government. That is the conjecture that most people have about the Freemasonry conspiracy theory. The full name of Freemasonry is "Free and Accepted Masons".

What is Masonic jewelry

As the jewellery of a mysterious organization, the first function is to identify the members. These accessories include Masonic brooches, Masonic rings, Masonic cufflinks, Masonic pocket watches, and other variations of Masonic jewelry.

For Freemasonry members, independent wearing badges and accessories is not only to be accepted, but also to show their loyalty, wishes and abide by the obligations that belong to Freemasonry to their families, friends and brothers, and unite forever. 

Freemasonry itself does not provide corresponding accessories. Normally, each enrolled brother can buy his own accessories according to his own preferences and budget. Therefore, Freemasonry jewelry is actually jewelry with a Freemasonry pattern. But some of them symbolize the status in the freemasonry.

Masonic Symbols and Their Meanings

Iconic symbols: Square and Compasses, letter G

Firstly, Freemasonry, which makes good use of metaphors and symbols to convey its ideas, is the symbolic symbol composed of the letter G, square and compasses. It is also the most basic emblem of Freemasonry. A square and a compass are both tools of architects and are used as symbols for teaching symbolic courses in Freemasonry ceremonies.

As a huge organization, Freemasonry has different branches within its teaching system. A large number of symbols are used in its teaching system. However, almost every Freemasonry club is decorated with square and compass symbols. It may come from "six-pointed star". The square rectangle represents the downward triangle of the six-pointed star, which is truth, and the compass represents the upward triangle, which is morality. The combination of the two represents the harmony between "truth" and "morality", and the norms of action and temperance.

What’s more, the Masonic Lodge, also known as the Blue Lodge, is a meeting place for Freemasonry members. These blue Masonic huts are located in many towns all over the world. You can easily identify where the Freemason meets by the square and compass signs displayed on the building, which are installed on the wall or sign.

God's observation: All-seeing eyes

In addition to these basic symbols, the all-seeing eye representing Lucifer is also the symbol of freemasonry. The symbol with one eye in this pyramid is famous for appearing on the 1 dollar bill in the United States. The ray of light in the eyes of seeing indicates that Lucifer is the "giver of enlightenment knowledge".


Other masonic symbols

Masonic symbols also include the sun, the moon and the candle which represent the three lesser lights in the concept of Freemasonry. They are the sun governs the day, the moon manages the night, and the mason master manages the hall. Among them, the sun is the embodiment of male power, light and warmth. It is the ruler of the day, admonishing the wisdom of Freemasonry members to come from constant exploration. The moon symbolizes female power and is the source of mystery and creation.

Can I wear mason jewelry if am not a mason?

The mysterious Freemasonry has now become the organization that everyone wants to explore, and there are many versions of Freemasonry. However, Freemason-related logos have become one of the popular elements in jewelry design, and various Freemasonry jewelry has become the choice for everyone to wear daily. Therefore, even if you are not a member of Freemasonry, you can still wear Freemasonry jewelry.

Where can I buy them?

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