What is MF DOOM mask?

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Daniel Dumile, pronounced doom ee-lay, emerged at a time when hip-hop was just beginning to gain fame. Those were the days when people could listen to "Yo! Here you could see the gangster style, the mysticism of rakim and the stupidity of Afro.

Dumil was part of this generation. He first performed as Zevlove X and made his debut in 1989. The song he played at the time was called "the Gas Face", a single from third base. In the video for the song, 18-year-old Dumiere wears a gas station uniform and a baseball cap. He looks thin in those oversized glasses.

About two years after the single's release, Dumier joined the KMD group. Dumile's style is more spontaneous and very energetic. Dhumilé's brother Dingilizwe, who was also a member of the group, was killed in 1993. Later that same year, their second album was rejected due to controversial cover art.

Dumile disappeared from the scene and began living in New York with his son.

In 1999, Dumier released a solo record called "Operation Armageddon. At the time, he came out as "Metal Face Doom," also known as "MF Doom. He was a quick talker, and his lyrics were even more sinister. The humor he exudes has a truly vile side. His album contains an account of his brother's death. Another big thing is the MF Doom mask he wears. It's something most rappers do only metaphorically, but he does it.

When Dhumil started appearing in the MF Doom mask, his obsession with hip-hop with this look grew by the day. He started calling himself a "super villain" when he was inspired by the villain Dr. Doom in "Fantastic Four". In his raps, it's clear that he refers to Doom in the third person.

While other rappers were obsessed with masculinity, Dumier was obsessed with Star Trek and Logan's running.

According to Dumil, he wanted to create a whole story for MF Doom with the proper background. He wanted to reference the story on his album and stand on stage and perform it. His goal was to not let the audience think of normal things when he got on stage. He wanted to control the story with first impressions. So he decided to put on a mask!

Since the release of his album "The End of the World", Dumier has released eight other albums called MF Doom. However, he has also used other anthropomorphs such as Victor Vaughn and Kim Ghidorah.

As scary as it sounds, his obsession with looks and other things is growing. But it certainly explains why he would use MF Doom masks.

Now the rapper with his unique charisma has left us, but his image of wearing a mask has long been popular and has become a classic. Using the elements of this mask in the jewelry, people can always wear it, this is probably the best way to let people remember him.

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