What is religious Jewelry? Where can I buy them?

What is religious Jewelry?

Throughout the thousands of years of human civilization, jewelry has become the golden key that can most enlighten the realm of human spirit. Let a piece of jewelry that entrusts faith or good wishes to accompany you, and bring you the quietest comfort in your heart.

Throughout history, jewelry and religion have long been linked. Those ancient symbols of faith are mankind's most sacred protection, an eternal attachment to the soul. It is precisely because of religion that jewellery can evolve from ordinary multicolored stones to a charismatic carrier with spiritual temptation. Next, I will introduce to you the symbols of Christianity, Satanism, and ancient Egyptian religions commonly found in jewelry.



Jesus is the object of Christian worship. He began preaching at the age of 30, but was crucified when he was in power by Governor Pilate, but on the third day, Jesus was resurrected and later became a god. Christians trust that Jesus will come back and he will give believers eternal life.

Praying hands

Prayer is a common action, this action is very common in religion, however, even if you do not have any religious beliefs, you will often pray, put your hands together to pray for yourself or for others.


Cross at first, it was a cruel instrument of torture which was used to execute prisoners. It was popular in the Persian Empire, ancient Rome, and Carthage. It was commonly used to execute rebels and slaves. Later, it become a symbol of the Christian faith which symbolized the death of Jesus on the cross, redeemed sinners, and represented salvation and love. It began to appear in the Christian church in 431 AD, and was erected on the top of the church in 586 AD.


Pentagram & Baphomet

The inverted five-pointed star is the symbol of the devil. The inverted five-pointed star happens to have two symmetrical upwards, similar to the metal ceremonial gesture "\m/", which represents the two sharp horns on the head of the demon Satan, meaning "antichrist ", "Satan worship."

Baphoint refers to one of the well-known Christian demons, the most well-known sheep-headed demons today. The demon had the head of an antelope, a human body, a deer-like lower body, and goat hooves on both feet, and a scorpion tail. A green flame was burning at the top of the scorpion’s poisonous hook. Among the demons spread in the West, Buffalo is the most special one, and he is a composite of almost all demons.

Sigil of Lucifer

The Sigil of Lucifer is regarded as the symbol of Satan. It looks like a chalice with an X symbol drawn on it.  Experts say that the chalice itself is a symbol of creation, and the X represents power. the symbol also has an inverted triangle known as the Original Elixir of Ecstasy. The inverted triangle represents water and emphasizes how it’s important for survival.  At the very bottom of the chalice is a letter V that symbolizes the duality.

Cross of Saint Peter

The Cross of Saint Peter or Petrine Cross is an inverted Latin cross. According to records, the Apostle Peter was crucified on an inverted cross during Nero's reign. In this sense, the inverted cross symbolizes humility in faith, because Peter said that he was not worthy to be crucified in the same form and manner as the Lord. However, an inverted cross is sometimes considered satanic.

Ancient Egyptian religion


Ankh is a mysterious symbol from Egypt, the upper part is a cross-shaped ornament with a ring. According to Egyptian legend, people who wear this protective treasure can prevent diseases, disasters and magical intrusion, and it can help the wearer to win love and war. So, people want use Ankh to pray for love, eternal health and wealth, as well as a kind of nostalgia for the mysterious primitive civilization.

Eye of Horus & EYE OF RA

Speaking of ancient Egyptian amulets, you will definitely think of Eye of Horus. As a funeral amulet, the eye of Horus is often depicted on the coffin of the deceased like the amulet of life. At the same time, the Eye of Horus also represents the repair and protection of the body in the underground world after death.

In the ancient Egyptian culture, the Eye of Ra was an important symbol. Some scholars hold the view that the Eye of Ra was Horus' right eye, and it represented the sun. The Eye of Re or Eye of Ra is a a feminine counterpart to the sun god Ra in ancient Egyptian mythology. He has a powerful force that could subdue his enemies.

Where can I buy them?

On our website, there are specific collections which are subdivided, you can choose what you want. Of course, you can search the key word such as “cross”, and then you can find what you want.

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