What is the difference between men's and women's cross rings?

As a representative symbol of Christianity, the cross has a very special and rich symbolic meaning. In the hearts of Christians, it represents God's love and salvation for the world. With the development of the times, even non-Christians are deeply influenced by the culture of the cross, began to wear cross jewelry, so there is a large number of jewelry designed specifically for the cross, including the cross ring by the trend of the public's favorite. Crosses for men and women are also a little different.

Cross rings for women

For women, rings are not strange to them. Women's hands are smaller compared to men's hands, so the cross rings are relatively small and delicate. The most basic crosses are the Latin cross and the Greek cross, on the basis of which other crosses are derived (for details, please read our other blog: What does a cross ring symbolize?).

Women have slender and elegant fingers and the average ring size range from size 5 to 7 , some may need a smaller one. The following cross rings are more suitable for women to wear, both in style and size.

This is a simple Latin cross ring, size 4-13, suitable for girls to wear. The ring's lines are smooth and simple, and the body of the ring is polished with a flat and smooth finish to show off its femininity. The designer purposely reduced the size and cut out the complex pattern decoration for the sake of women's slender fingers and other characteristics, presenting a clean and simple visual effect with only the simplest design. In addition, the use of stainless steel, does not fade and does not deform, always remain bright, signifying eternal piety.

Surrounded by a three-sided stainless steel rectangular frame, this ring is angular and stylish. The front of the ring is inlaid with a full and noble ruby. The color is bright and atmospheric, the visual impact is strong and the look is beautiful and moving. The left and right sides of the ring are engraved with silver and white crosses, which are mysterious and inviolable. The design of the whole ring is simple and elegant. The four corners of the rectangular frame are replaced by round lace, which adds some dullness to the sharp frame, making the overall line of the ring harmonious, noble and glamorous with a touch of gentleness, suitable for women to wear.

Cross rings for men

Compared to women's cross rings, men's cross rings are larger and heavier because men have larger and thicker hands. The average ring size for men is 8-10 yards, some even larger, with styles leaning towards vintage and solid. the following two rings are two styles, both in sizes 7-13, and suitable for most men to wear.

This cross-shaped stainless steel ring has a simple and generous design. The bright cross in the center of the ring has a smooth texture and high gloss, which is the brightest presence in this ring. The round border wrapped around the cross is embellished with a circle of polka dot lace, which not only symbolizes tolerance and generosity, but also means love and guardianship, which is perfect for men to wear.

This crown ring has these many small Latin crosses attached to it, and the crown is adorned with rubies, reflecting the exquisite luxury of the ring. The yellow color (glory) symbolizes Jesus Christ as the King of glory, the Lord of heaven and earth, in whom is the way of eternal life. It indicates that the saints manifest the glory of Christ to shine for the Lord, and the high yellow cross allows those at a distance to see the glory of Christ and be inspired to come to church and receive Christ's salvation.

Other cross rings

This ring is unique in that its design was inspired by a watercolor painting, "The Praying Hands", completed by the German artist Dürer in 1508. The joined hands represent devotion and prayer, as well as gratitude for the great love and sacrifice of family members and faith in religion, which coincides with the ring's symbolic meaning of the cross. Christian believers who wear a cross have respect and reverence for God in their hearts, and this ring has the cross engraved in the center of the ring and the ring body accompanied by praying hands, amplifying the faith in religion to the extreme while being both beautiful and vintage. It is available in two colors, gold for grandeur and splendor, and silver for nobility and dignity, and can be worn by both men and women.

This ring is unique in shape, with a skull shape as the overall tone and a golden cross embedded in the center of the forehead, the fusion of the two elements represents death and rebirth. The skull represents fear, but at the same time it is also a way for young trendsetters to express their freedom and respect. The overall tone of the ring is silver, with gold used to highlight the accents, and the body is carved with various patterns, revealing a religious vintage style, adding some noble and mysterious colors to the ring.


It is easy to see that many of the rings with cross elements can be worn by both men and women, whether they are Christian believers or not, and that cross accessories can be used as everyday accessories. The cross is simple and generous in design, and in different combinations it also shows different meanings and charms, which can meet the needs of many people's accessories. It is undeniable that the cross accessories have come into the public life, it is not only a symbol of Christianity, but also a trend, this change is a sustainable diversification, its trend represents the mutual collision between cultures, I believe that in the future, the cross accessories can also emerge a batch of beautiful design patterns, if you are interested, you can browse our store, where there are many more beautiful accessories designed by designers!

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