What is the Sigil of Lucifer?

The Origin of the Sigil of Lucifer

The Sigil of Lucifer originated in Grimoire of Truth published in Italy in the 16th century. It is the third sign of Lucifer in the Grimoire and is based on a nine by nine magic square. Magic squares were used before the 16th century to create magic and symbolize many different things.

Over many decades the graphical elements of the sigil have been identified with specific characteristics. The overall sigil appears as a chalice, which represents creation, the fertile darkness awaiting and ready for untold possibilities. It must be pointed out as this sigil is an instrument to invoke Lucifer, that Lucifer is considered to be the bearer of light and wisdom into the darkness (that has been invoked through this sigil).


Sigil of Lucifer

The ‘X” over the sigil indicates the power and realm of the physical plane; its passion and sensuality that drives all entities. The inverted triangle represents water, often referred to as the original “Elixir of Ecstasy” without which physical life could not exist. The “V” at the bottom of the sigil represents the duality of all things; dark and light, male and female, and the power of convergence of the two into one manifesting balance, creation, and existence." 

Who is Lucifer?

Lucifer means a revelation star. In the Bible, it refers to the original archangel, with six wings of "brilliant morning star, son of glory". According to Paradise Lost, Lucifer forgot to be an angel because of excessive pride before he fell, and he intended to be equal to God. One day, God took the son on a tour of heaven and made the angels kneel down to worship the son of God. Lucifer was dissatisfied with god for making him kneel to the son of god and led the rebellion of one-third of the angels of heaven. Lucifer was extremely proud and confident that he could overthrow God. However, both Lucifer and his army failed, so they were exiled and lost the glory they had in the past. As a result, they were expelled from heaven and degenerated into demons.

Chapter 12 of Revelation also records the process of Lucifer’s mutiny. The Archangel Lucifer refused to submit to the Son Jesus and led a third of the angels to rebel in the northern realm. But after only three days he was "swept away" by the heavenly army led by the archangel Michael. The defeated Lucifer fell into hell for nine days in chaos and became the king of demons.

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Lucifer's Fall 

He is known by many epithets, including the Serpent, the Devil, the Dragon, The Red Angel, The Angel of Disaster, The Angel of the Abyss, the "Prince of Darkness", the Demon Lord, Old Scratch, Abaddon, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, Iblis, Mastema, although some of this titles were attributed to actual demons themselves, the names themselves describe Lucifer's power and wickedness.

Lucifer in modern culture

Under the influence of games, comics, and animations in modern culture, Lucifer is often used as a powerful demon or demon leader, as the final leader of the game or as a devil king or marshal in the comics. Under the play of various games, Lucifer also has an ever-changing appearance.

The purpose of the Sigil of Lucifer

The purpose of the Sigil of Lucifer is that of an instrument of visual invocation during the ritual. By performing the appropriate ritual, the sigil acts as a gateway to invoke and bestow the power and presence of Lucifer. Contrary to popular belief, the sigil was never intended or created as an identification symbol or manor crest. However, many modern Satanists use the sigil as an emblem as well as for its original intent, as a very powerful instrument of ritual. Luciferians use this sigil as well but also have their own distinctive version that they use on a more widespread basis.

Use of the Sigil of Lucifer

Lucifer is so powerful and cunning. Sigil of Lucifer is a symbol of creation, existence, and power.  As a falling angel, Lucifer is undoubtedly powerful. Wearing the Sigil of Lucifer pendant seems to stimulate our own strength and become brave and creative.

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The ring of Lucifer's imprint is also popular with people. It is exquisite and fashionable, and it can give people power in their hearts.

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 Sigil of Lucifer rings

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