What Style of Earrings Should Men Wear?

It is a fashion trend that men wear earrings today. More and more men wearing earrings, part of them are still struggling with what style of earrings should they wear? Generally speaking, men prefer cool and unique items. When selecting their jewelry, most of them try to find a symbol or image that related to their personality. When it comes to choosing men’s earrings, cool, comfortable and hypoallergenic are the main factors. If you want to find men’s earrings to adorn your ears or gift others, then you’ve come to the right place.

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1. Viking Earrings

The first one is Viking style. Did you know that Vikings wear jewelry? Viking style gives people a feeling of power and strength. Vikings wore bracelets, necklaces, arm rings, however, earrings were not included. As Viking style has been more and more popular, there are different types of Viking Jewelry you can find. Viking earrings have a big market now.
 Nordic Wolf Stainless Steel Viking Earring

Nordic wolf is one of the Viking symbols. This pair of stainless steel earrings are special designed and form a Nordic wolf pattern. Wolf is a symbol of loyalty and power. Wear this wolf earring to show your loyalty of friendship.

Odin Mjölnir Stainless Steel Viking Earrings

Mjölnir, also called Thor’s hammer. This symbol looks like a hammer and it give people a feeling of powerful. Vikings were fierce warriors and they were focused on defeating their enemies. Thor’s hammer was used as a weapon, which gave them power to fight for a victory.

2. Animal Earrings

Have a favorite animal you'd like to hang from your earrings? Different animals can be found on earrings designing. Men’s animal earrings are perfect to complete a masculine look.

This stud earring is made of sterling silver and is designed as octopus arms, which creates an interesting and unique style. Octopus is powerful and aggressive, wearing it can give you wisdom and great courage. This pair of octopus arms earrings must be a great gift for those who are the fans of marine.

Ouroboros is a symbol handed down from ancient times. The general image is that a snake or dragon is swallowing its tail. As a result, it forms a ring and sometimes appears in the shape of twisted pattern, that is, the shape of the Arabic numeral "8". Its name means "self devourer"  The phenomenon that represents the cycle of nature.

Thorns and Python Stainless Steel Hoop Earrings

There are two styles of these stainless steel hoop earrings, one is thistles and thorns element and the other is python. There are three ways to wear them. The first one is to wear a pair of thistle and thorn earrings, and the second is to wear a pair of python earrings. The third is one ear to wear thistles and thorns earring and python in the other ear. It depends on your preference. I suggest you to own two styles to have three collocations. Here you can find the thorn rings.

3. Skull Earrings

When it comes to men’s earrings, skull earrings would be the perfect choice. Skull earrings are cool items for you to make a statement. Skull element is popular and there are a lot of skull accessories. Skull rings, skull bracelets, skull necklaces, skull earrings...

Scary Skeleton Alloy Earrings

This skeleton alloy earrings is made of a combination of two materials, the ear hook of it is sterling silver, and the other parts are alloy. The reason why we choose to make ear hook with sterling silver is that the ear hook directly contacts our ear holes and sterling silver material makes the earrings hypoallergenic. Skull elements always make people look cool. This pair of dangle earrings are designed as an upright skeleton. When you wear it, it is like skeleton hanging on your ear, creating a curious style.

This is also a pair of skeleton stud earrings, which is all made of sterling silver materials. If you prefer sterling silver skeleton earrings that you can select it.

This stud earring is designed as a combination of a skull and sunflower, symbolizing good and evil in the world. Wear this pair of earrings can help a man to express his personality.

It has to be said that skull earring is very suitable for Halloween party and can attract others' attention. If one day you want to try cool style, these earrings are very worth having to decorate your outfit. For people who like Gothic style, skull is also an indispensable element.

4. Minimalist Earrings

People always believe that less is more. The minimalist style is based on this phrase “less is more”. If you want to adorn your ears with earrings to show your style and want to be low-key, minimalist earrings can meet your need.

The left ear wears smiling earrings, while the right ear wears crying earrings. You can also exchange their positions on your ears according to your preference. When you wear this pair of sterling silver stud earrings, these two completely different emotional images can appear on your ears at the same time. It sounds really fascinating.

The shape of this pair of sterling silver stud earrings is vintage and fun. I believe most men should be familiar with razors and have a special feeling for them. Shine yourself by wearing these unique razor blade Sterling Silver earrings.

The shape of this pair of sterling silver stud earrings are nails. Applying nail elements to earrings is also a very cool and exquisite design. Wear these unyielding nails sterling silver stud earrings to create unyielding man's temperament.

Final words

A pair of earrings not only can make a fashion statement, but also correct your face shape. Viking earrings, skull earrings, animal earrings and minimalist earrings, you’re sure to be satisfied with one of these four styles of earrings. All of them are sure to be cool, comfortable and hypoallergenic. Let pick out earrings properly. Whether it's Viking style, skull style, or other styles, it will be a perfect piece of accessory in your daily ensemble.

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