What's the oni mask meaning? Is the oni mask evil?

What is Oni Mask?

Oni are described in Japan as huge,ugly , scary monsters. They are human-like, but usually have sharp fangs, unkempt hair, sharp horns on their heads, and possibly many eyes. Wearing a costume made of tiger skin and holding an iron rod, it symbolizes power and invincibility.

Today, Oni is not a symbol of the original evil in the mind of the Japanese, they are more like a protective ability. For example, some bricks and tiles with Oni patterns can be seen on the roofs of some buildings in Japan. They are called "ghost tiles" in Japan and are said to be used to ward off evil spirits. People wear Oni pattern jewelry to pray for peace and luck.

Is the Oni Mask Evil?

Oni are monsters based on Japanese folklore, who are seen as evil creatures that roam the spirit world. People usually call them demons, ogres, Satan. They are one of the famous characters in Japanese comedy and literary arts.

And masks made of their grotesque images became demon masks. Demon masks are the oldest masks in Japan. Like the Fierce God, most Oni masks are used to ward off evil spirits. Oni masks serve two purposes, the first depicts the devil, and is used to create disasters or cause plagues; the other is used to exorcise evil spirits. On New Year's night, people sing songs to drive away evil spirits and sprinkle beans to signal the arrival of spring. Therefore, we call these masks Oni Masks. Some regions also have special demon masks passed down from generation to generation.

Actors wear Oni masks and costumes to play ghost creatures. Masks are usually large and have red or blue faces. The temples of the mask have protruding horns, and the actors can easily play demons because their faces are already covered by the ghost mask. The design of the Oni mask varies depending on the script executed, but the general idea remains the same. While its origins point to ghosts being evil, its depiction of demons has softened recently. In fact, ghost creatures are now sometimes depicted as protective creatures. Men wear costumes with ghost masks during the festival, apparently to ward off any evil spirits or bad luck. Now Japan also has buildings with roof tiles designed as grimace, believed to ward off bad luck.

Some Oni Mask Jewelry

Oni masks are powerful symbols of Japan's rich culture and history. It is said to give the wearer great strength and protect them from harm. Also, Japanese Oni is really pretty and cool, so Oni tattoos and Oni mask jewelry are very popular. There are also some finely crafted Oni jewelry on Gthic website.

Hannya masks

Hannya mask is used in Japanese Noh theater. This mask has the appearance of a horned female ghost with a wide mouth and a frown, which represents a woman who has fallen into the devil's way due to jealousy and resentment. Although most Hannya looks ugly, there are also different Hannya that look good.

Oni masks

Unlike Hannya masks, Oni masks are mostly male demons. This pendant describes the Oni mask. It has longer horns, sharp fangs on its forehead, cheeks and mouth, and its eyes are more fierce. The pendant is available in two colors, silver and with golden corners.

In addition, the Oni mask will also add some animal elements, such as foxes, snakes and dragons, to make the mask more powerful. For example, this mask ring combines dragons and demons, and the dragons, both good and evil, are powerful. But dragons have the same effect of exorcism as demons, which makes this ring more suitable for the theme of Oni masks.

The most famous of animal designs is the fox mask. Such masks describe a Kitsune. Foxes have historically been considered magical animals with shape-shifting abilities. They are famous gods in Japanese mythology who can bring rice and economic prosperity to humans.


The Oni mask is both a symbol of demons and auspiciousness in Japan, which can exorcise evil spirits and bring good luck and health. Its value is that it can give people some spiritual comfort, which is very useful for those who believe in this culture. Oni mask has been the important part of Japanese life, therefore, the pattern of the Oni mask has become one of the essential elements in Japanese popular culture.

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