Which Finger Should I Wear My Rings On As A Man?

Rings convey a message, dependent on the finger on which it is worn. Irrespective of the size and design, ranging from small to large silver rings embellished with various totems or iconic patterns, they all send different messages.

Historically, men wear rings to show status, wealth and commitment. However, this idea was cliché at a time, but it has recently become popular again, although there has been a recurring confusion about how to convey just the right message. Well, as an ardent brand dedicated to offering you the very best of men’s rings collections, we have decided to clear out the air on this one.

The foothold of this work is to serve as a guide to inform how you wear a ring or multiple rings as the case may be.


What special meaning do fingers have on rings?

Ring finger

Interestingly, before establishing medical science, people thought that there was a direct vein from the ring finger to the heart. This is called venous malformation or "the vein of love." Therefore, your ring finger is most natural for your wedding ring.

Little finger

A ring on a man’s little finger is a most appealing sight. It has nothing to do with most cultural symbols, and it does not interfere with frequently used fingers. In addition, the small ring worn on this finger features the most attractive and gorgeous designs, and it is often the first declarator to shine. The little finger also represents wisdom and persuasion in astrology, often associated with intelligence, insight, and coercion.

Index finger

The index finger is the most popular finger choice in history. It represents power, authority, and responsibility. Traditionally, people wear their family emblem on their index fingers, as well as organizational membership rings.


Which hand should I wear my ring?

The right hand is considered the “dominant” hand and is also more expressive. It is the first point of contact in any conversation.

The left hand, however, is seen as connotative of personal beliefs or attributes.

It is quite common to see that most people wear their wedding rings on their ring hand, but is that really appropriate? In the old British Empire, the United States and certain countries in Europe, the ring finger on the left hand is what’s common. However, in Southern and Eastern European countries as well as South and Central America, men wear their wedding rings on their right hand. For example, in Germany, a man wears a ring on his left ring finger when he is engaged and switches it to his right hand after marriage.

On the little finger of the dominant hand, the ring is associated with intelligence and denotes excellent self-expressive qualities. On the left hand conversely, it shows strong intuition and excellent listening skills.


The basic principle of stacking rings (or wearing multiple rings)

1. Be confident

Stacking rings or wearing multiple rings make a resounding statement, and hence requires a steeply high confidence level. Learn to match clothing styles and other accessories to achieve the ideal personality, and felicitously express your style and thought.

2. Keep your hands proportional

Regardless of the statement, you want to express, consider the size of your fingers, and maintain parity. Slim fingers should wear a tight ring, and wide fingers should wear a wide-band ring. When a large ring is paired with a slender finger, the visual focus is lost and your statement is misinterpreted. The ratio of the adornments on both hands should be balanced. Avoid crowding one hand with a bunch of rings, watch, and bracelets on one hand while the other is left completely free.

3. Balance the Ring(s) with Other Jewelry

If your left-hand wears a wedding ring and a watch, then wear a bracelet on your right wrist to balance it. If you want to add another ring, please match one of the relative ring finger or index finger.

4. Match Metals

Most men are content with the choice between either silver or gold. If you don't have a personal preference, check the skin's hue, whether it is cold or warm. Furthermore, your belt buckle, the strap, and the ring metal should all have a similar color.

5. Pay attention to the maximum number of rings worn.

Spreading two or three pieces among your two hands is usually safe. Beyond this range, you stand the risk of looking like a manga. However, It is best to wear a bold "declaration" ring, on one hand, nothing else.

Wearing a signature ring doesn’t really pass a message everyone will understand. But just as is befitting for the group exuding of their beliefs, it conveys a message to their followers and being part of an elite club that "gets it" is part of the fun.

At the end of the day, quality is more important than quantity, and style more precious than rules. Keep this in mind no matter what you choose to wear.

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