Who can wear the star of David necklace?

Star of David, also named "Shield of David". David was the king of Judea who represented the ideal ruler. The Jews believed that their descendant was the Messiah. In Christianity, Jesus Christ is believed to be just that. So what does this six-pointed star represent? And who can wear a Star of David necklace?

Star of David & Judaism & Solomon

The Star of David is an icon of Judaism and Jewish culture. Jewish legend associates the Star of David with King Solomon; legend has it that King Solomon had a ring that allowed him to command demons and ghosts. Another legend says that the sigil was associated with King David's shield; legend has it that King David had a shield that protected him.

The Star of David is not only a Jewish symbol. There are signs of its use in different cultures. In the national emblem of the United States, there is a six-pointed star on the upper part of the eagle's head, which is composed of 13 stars representing the thirteen states of North America at the beginning of the United States' independence. It is generally believed to be an accidental sigil, but some believe it was added to thank Haym Solomon for his generous support of the American Revolutionary War, and some even believe that Solomon himself designed the national emblem. The symbol has a bizarre shape, so it's not surprising that it's used around the world.

The Star of David is in the shape of a six-pointed star. We can see similar symbols in other faiths. The use of the six-pointed star in these faiths may predate the Jewish use. It is used today in Jewish culture, especially in the occult. The Star of David is also an important symbol in astrology. Others believe it is the star that symbolized the birth of King David.

Some Jewish orthodox oppose the use of the six-pointed star because of the symbol's association with "magic" and the occult. Despite this, the Star of David remains the most important symbol of Jewish lore and Kabbalah. Some very conservative Jewish scholars oppose the Star of David because of its association with Zionism. Nonetheless, there is today a Star of David prominently displayed on the front door of most houses of worship around the world. The Star of David has been used regularly in Europe for nearly two hundred years to place Jewish tombstones. It has long since become a symbol of Jewish omnipotence.

In contemporary times, the Star of David has become a primary Jewish symbol. This six-pointed star, consisting of two interlocking triangles, can be found on doorpost scriptures, Hanukkah menorahs, prayer shawl bags and yarmulkes. Israel's ambulances also have the "Red Star of David" logo, and a blue Star of David is also placed in the center of the Israeli flag. Therefore, the Star of David has also become a symbol of Israel. The Star of David has primarily become a national symbol rather than a religious one.

Pentagram VS. Star of David

Application of Religion

According to an unnamed poet, the pentagram may have come from King Solomon, and the pentagram was in use in Judaism at least when it was used as the seal of Jerusalem. This puts the pentagram in contact with the Star of David.

Pentagrams were used symbolically in ancient Greece and Babylon, and today they are widely used by Wicca, witches and pagans, similar to the Christian use of the cross. Pentagrams have magical associations. The pentagram has magical associations. Many people who practice modern pagan and heathen beliefs wear jewelry with the symbol. Christians once commonly used the pentagram to represent the five wounds of Jesus.

The Trinity: Creation, Revelation, and Redemption

One is an upward equilateral triangle, the upper end represents God, and the lower ends represent husband and wife respectively. This upward equilateral triangle represents that in marriage, God and the husband and wife with whom God cooperates should be in a trinity. The superposition of these two equilateral triangles is the Star of David. When a husband and wife are in this state, they are kings and rulers together with God in the sphere of their contact and management, and the sphere of their management becomes a kingdom of holy relationship. When every couple is in this relationship, the world becomes a kingdom of holy relationships.


There is an opinion that the shape and solidity of the six-pointed star comes from its solid center. This inner core represents the dimension of spirituality and is surrounded by the six directions of the universe. (A similar idea applies to the Sabbath—the seventh day provides balance and perspective for the six working days.)

In conclusion

Due to the cross-cultural nature of the symbol, there are many interpretations of the symbol around the world. I think the Star of David just means Jewish identity. The Jews took this star as their symbol.

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