What types of dragons are depicted on dragon rings?

Dragon rings can feature a variety of dragon designs, including:
  • Western dragons: These are the traditional dragon designs commonly found in European and North American folklore, often depicted with wings, four legs, and a serpent-like body.
  • Eastern dragons: These are the dragons commonly found in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean mythology, often depicted with long, serpentine bodies, no wings, and four or five claws.
  • Wyverns: These are a type of dragon that have two legs and wings, often found in European heraldry.
  • Drakes: These are a smaller, lesser-known type of dragon that are often depicted with four legs and no wings.
  • Fantasy dragons: These are dragons that have been created for works of fantasy fiction or art, and can feature a wide range of designs and characteristics.

The type of dragon depicted on a dragon ring will depend on the design and the inspiration behind it. Some dragon rings may also feature multiple types of dragons or a unique interpretation of a dragon design.

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