Nasallang Piercing : Everything You Need To Know

Want to try a different nose piercing? I think the Nasallang piercing is a piercing worth choosing if you can stand the pain. Because it’s so different! In this blog, you’ll get to explore some fascinating information about this piercing!

What Is a Nasallang Piercing

A Nasallang nose piercing is a decorative body modification that involves piercing the tip of the nose and the septum. It requires special skills to perform safely and can be a very dramatic piercing due to its location. So it means you need to go to a reputable and highly skilled piercing shop.


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Fast Facts:

Position: Across the nasal tip and septum
Cost: $50-$100
Pain: Very painful (think twice before trying)
Healing time: about 3-6 months
Risks: Infection, scarring, rejection, etc.
Jewelry: Straight barbell, nasallang piercing chain
Materials: Hypoallergenic, e.g. surgical steel, titanium; high-quality materials, etc.

Nasallang Piercing Pain

Due to the density of nerves in the area of the piercing, this procedure can be extremely painful. However, this depends on the individual’s tolerance for pain.

How Long Does It Take a Nose Piercing To Heal

Proper aftercare is crucial as healing can take a little longer, 3-6 months, so take good care of yourself.

Risks of Performing Nasallang Piercing

Whenever you have a body piercing, there may be a risk. Here are some of the risks that can occur:

  • Infection: all you need to do to avoid this risk is to keep the area clean and follow the aftercare instructions.
  • Rejection: The body may perceive the piercing as an alien object and attempt to eject it.
  • Scarring: If the piercing area does not heal properly, scarring can occur. The individual may have an excessive scarring reaction to the trauma, which may also leave a scar.

 Aftercare for Nasallang piercing

Are you worried about these risks? Not to worry, here are some aftercare tips. You can use these aftercare tips to help your pierced area heal faster.

  • Cleanliness: Keep the piercing area clean with saline solution or special piercing care products.
  • Avoid irritants: Stay away from harsh chemicals, perfumes, and cosmetics that can irritate piercings. One more thing, the use of cleansers also needs to be careful.
  • Hygiene practices: Maintain good general hygiene. Take regular showers and keep the area dry. While the pierced area is healing, it is best to stay away from public water, such as swimming areas.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Sustain a nutritious, equilibrated diet and ensure adequate hydration to fortify your body’s innate restorative processes. The effect is enhanced when paired with positive emotional well-being!
  • Professional Guidance: The most important thing is to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your piercer (after all, he is a professional). If you detect any indications of an infection or complications, there’s no need to panic! Seek medical attention immediately and get back to feeling your best in no time.
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Jewelry For Nasallang Piercing

When selecting jewelry, it is essential to opt for hypoallergenic substances to minimize the potential for adverse reactions. High-quality materials are also a must. The straight barbell is the most common style of jewelry, preventing it from slipping. Nasallang piercing chains are also a great option, but be careful with the tangle of hair. Finally, choose a size that suits you.

Is a Nasallang Nose Piercing Right For You

Maybe you still have doubts and are not sure if this piercing is right for you. You can consider these aspects. Firstly, does this piercing fit your aesthetic, if so, that’s fantastic!

Secondly, you should think about whether you can handle the pain of the piercing process and the discomfort during the healing period.

Further, whether you will follow the piercing aftercare during the long healing period.

If you’re still not sure, but have the urge to try it out, why don’t you go to nearby piercing shops and ask a professional piercer for advice?


In conclusion, if you are ready to try Nasallang piercing, go for it! Just remember to think twice and don’t make a decision you’ll regret. I trust this blog post provides you with valuable insights. Should you decide to proceed, I wish you a joyful piercing experience!

Thank you for reading!  If interested, browse through our previous blogs. We also offer an array of charming piercing adornments that are sure to captivate your attention!

Disclaimer: If you have any questions or concerns about your piercing, please consult a professional piercer or doctor.

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