How to choose the right Cuban link chain?

Men rarely accessorize when it comes to this whole dressing thing, especially if they are a little more mature, or if their style is a little more elegant, it is rare to see any accessories on them. There are a wide variety of jewelry types on the market today and like many things in fashion, specific items tend to disappear and come back in style a few years later, and some can stay relevant forever. The Cuban chain is a long standing item, but recently some people have found it to be at the top of many people's "wish lists". It's a timeless style and design that is so popular that everyone seems to want one these days.

Before the upcoming shopping spree, how can you choose the right Cuban chain for you and at a good price? If you are interested, you can continue to browse below.

Cuban Chain Size


The length of the Cuban chain determines the girth after wearing, the smaller the girth, the tighter the girth, and the looser the greater the girth. For daily wear, the length of the Cuban chain is 45cm-60cm.

Because the Cuban chain is thicker, the shape is thicker, and the neck of boys is generally thick, so the neck does not reach the length of the supermodel, and it is not suitable for the Choker style Cuban chain that is close to the neck. Especially in summer, with a round neck T-shirt or sweater, the best length is to form a dislocated layer with the collar. The length of 45CM-60CM is just right, which not only increases the level and adds points to the overall shape, but also varies from person to person and adjusts itself.


Most Cuban chains range in width from 3mm to 19mm, depending on how bold a statement you want. Thicker Cuban chains will be more eye-catching, such accessories will make you stand out from the crowd around you, well, you can choose chains above 15 mm. If you like the power of the chain but don't want it to distract from the rest of your look, stick with a smaller width.

Dressing and Outfit

In addition to being worn alone, Cuban chains are also great for stacking. The Cuban chain is simple and single, if it is matched with other chains, such as snake chain, keel chain, pearl chain, etc., it will have a different style.

As the basic chain is stacked with Cuban chains and pearl necklaces, you should choose a thinner chain, so as to form a layered effect with the thicker Cuban chains and enhance the wearer's temperament.

Of course, if you encounter clothes that are difficult to wear, the unique temperament of the Cuban chain will be covered up, so how should you wear it to bring out your own style to the greatest extent? Below are some simple and versatile formulas.

Hawaiian shirts

In summer, people often like to wear some simple, breathable, light and comfortable clothes, so Hawaiian shirts are an excellent treasure item! First, Hawaiian shirts are almost a must-have in every man's wardrobe, and can be seen everywhere in daily matching. , then how to match the color and eye-catching, just relying on a watch is far from enough, this time the Cuban chain shows its unique advantages. A shirt with a fancy pattern is matched with a simple and atmospheric Cuban chain, which not only does not steal the gorgeousness of the shirt, but also makes the man's temperament burst out with a casual charm. Then a simple necklace can instantly attract the eyes of the opposite sex, adding coolness and comfort to the hot summer!


The wardrobe of office workers must have some suits in different colors. Whether it is a traditional black suit or a brightly colored V-neck suit, the Cuban chain is a versatile accessory. The traditional suit has a crisp appearance and smooth lines, giving a noble and elegant gentleman impression. But in the long run, it is easy to form a stereotype, so people in order to break the inherent model, the Cuban chain is more and more popular. The Cuban chain is exaggerated in shape. The rough chain is paired with a rigorous and smooth suit, which collides with a kind of "outrageous" surprise, breaking the original style. The simple industrial design and the avant-garde high street style make a lot of rap rappers unique. Gradually, the matching mode of this suit and Cuban chain has also become a trend vane.‌


According to the above introduction, you should have a better understanding of the choice of Cuban chains, whether it is the choice of Cuban chains or the matching of clothes, you can find what you like on Gthic. There are many different styles and styles of Cuban chains, and there are all kinds of trendy items used to match Cuban chains. If you are interested, you can click the link below and enjoy the selection!

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