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Retro Dragon Claw Brass Sterling Silver Ring

$109.00 - $269.00
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* Note: This ring is made to order, the crafting time for size 6-12 is 14 working days, for size 13-15 is 20-30 working days.

Make the dragon your talisman with these amazing Gothic dragon claw ring from GTHIC. Dragons are one of the most popular legend characters both in the Western culture and among people of the East. While Europeans considered dragons to be monsters destroying everything around, in ancient China and Japan, they were revered and worshiped. Thanks to the inexhaustible love for these mighty and mysterious creatures, dragon jewelry has become extremely popular. In our Gothic collections, we also pay tribute to the strength, beauty, and sublimity of the dragons.

  • Size: about 32mm*18mm
  • Weight: about 26 g(10.5 Brass), 34 g(12.5 Silver)
  • Claw(925 silver/ Brass); Claw tip(Brass/925 silver)