Are claw rings in style?

In ancient times, many clans and tribes worshipped animals. They believed in powerful animals and made them the totems of their tribes. To this day, humans still have a reverence for animals. The claw is the most powerful weapon an animal can have. Many people are willing to wear animal claw jewelry in the hope that it will bring them strength, luck and courage.

Claw rings with different elements

There are many different claw rings on the GTHIC website. They come in a variety of styles, each with a unique and eye-catching design.

Dragon claw rings

In China, the dragon is an auspicious animal that represents authority, while in the Bible, the dragon is evil and it is the embodiment of the devil. Although they have opposite symbolic meanings, the same thing is that dragons are beings with great power.


Apart from flames, the sharpest thing about a dragon is its claws, which can destroy everything. This ring is carved into the appearance of dragon claws, the whole ring is exquisite in workmanship and delicate in carving. It not only shows the power of dragon claws, but at the same time, the polished and smooth ring is comfortable for you to wear.


This ring combines dragon claws and gems. As we all know, dragons love treasures very much. Is the dazzling gemstone paired with powerful dragon claws very eye-catching? This ring represents wealth and good luck, just as a dragon possesses a treasure.


This ring is made of stainless steel with the theme pattern of the dragon claw that creates a look that is masculine and rugged. The claw has clear pattern and a few feathers, which make the legendary dragon figurative, and it is also very domineering when worn on the finger.

Silver Dragon claw rings

Compared to hard stainless steel, silver is a softer material, and the details such as dragon scales and nails can make the ring more realistic.


In the case of this gothic dragon claw ring made in the shape of a dragon claw, the palm is carved with a clear and animated pattern. With sharp nails just like the legendary dragon, this ring signifies that no difficulty can stop us from moving forward.


Each dragon scale is clearly visible on this dragon claw ring, and each ring is hand-carved by artisans with oxidized black details to make this ring more realistic. It symbolizes ambition and predation, the dynamism of upward mobility of young people.

Bear paw ring

Bears feel naive, but in fact, their attack power is not weak, and their sharp paws can instantly cut through your skin. This is the power of bear paws and should not be underestimated.


Take a closer look at this ring and you’ll be able to see the Bear paw design within. Using Celtic knot as a bear paw and matching sharp claws, this bear's paw signifies peace and courage. The ring gives the feeling of dominance and a sense of security.


Of course, the necklace engraved with the paw pattern is also able to add courage to people. This Viking necklace is carved with bear claws. The thick bear paws and sharp nails spread throughout the pendant, giving a fierce feeling, it symbolizes guardianship and courage.

Skull Hand rings

Everyone should be familiar with skeletons. Skeletons represent the philosophy of death, both death and rebirth. From the skeletons, people see the shortness of life and realize that they have to cherish their lives more, so as to gain more value.


This skull hand ring is very eye-catching. There is a skull on each finger, which means that death is not decayed. They are a continuation of another world.


This ring gives us the feeling of decay and mystery, four ghostly hands grasping the coffin, like sealing something, what is in the coffin, like Pandora's box, let people think about it.

Other claw ring or pendant

The design of this ring uses the combination of the beast claw and the skull, which creates a look that is masculine and rugged. The skulls are arranged like bamboo joints, and together with the claw form this ring.

Paw jewelry has become popular with modern people's pursuit of power. More and more young people choose to wear claw jewelry to show their personality, pursuit, and desire. At the same time, our website also provides customers with more choices, high-quality jewelry, and the best service. Hope you have fun shopping!

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