Do you know “eye” stone rings?

As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows of the soul, and people can even look directly into a person's soul through the eyes. Therefore, since ancient times, people have never stopped exploring the eyes. In jewelry rings, the most common jewelry rings about eyes are opal and tiger's eye, both of which have eyes-like sparkles. Below, the editor will introduce these two types of gemstone rings for you.

Tiger's Eye Ring

Tiger's eye is different from cat's eye. Tiger's eye is mostly yellow-brown. Because its shape and color resemble tiger's eyes, it is also called tiger's eye. Tigers and cats belong to the same family of cats, so they also have a cat's eye effect. The unique gem structure of tiger's eye makes it have elf-like eyes, and is favored by jewelry designers. Therefore, among the many eye gemstone rings, tiger eye stone rings are the most common.

The pattern of tiger eye stone ring is changeable, and the pattern of each tiger eye stone is different. Therefore, each tiger eye stone ring is unique in this world. The color of tiger's eye is yellow-brown, and its temperament is calm and atmospheric like a tiger. It is mostly loved by men. For example, this ring has a wide design, which is suitable for men's finger joints. It has a retro shape and is made of stainless steel. It is not easy to change color and deformation. It is convenient and beautiful to take with you.

The use of tiger eye stone is also suitable for all kinds of animal shapes. The tiger eye stone ring in the picture uses the shape characteristics of bats. There are many bats inlaid on the ring body. These bats flap their wings and fly towards the tiger eye stone in the middle, just like surrounding bright jewelry. Not willing to leave means never-ending pursuit.

In addition to animal shapes in nature, the shape of tiger's eye gemstones can also learn from various patterns. Among them, the retro pattern is the most commonly used shape in tiger eye stone rings. Retro textures can always bring people infinite reverie and mysterious temperament. Whether it is wavy water patterns or curved and symmetrical retro patterns, they can particularly highlight the domineering and mysterious tiger's eye. Therefore, this type of gemstone rings often become the standard for successful business people, bringing the wearer Good luck and fortune.

Opal Ring

Opal, also known as chrysoberyl with cat's eye effect, is a rare and precious gemstone that is only produced in Sri Lanka and is very expensive. But because of people's love for opal, artificial opal came into being. This kind of opal is very popular in the jewelry market, with moderate price and unique shape, which is loved by consumers.

Artificial opals are not restricted by the place of origin, and people have contributed a lot of whimsy and wisdom in the creation of this opal. First of all, opals come in a variety of colors, and the same ring can have multiple colors to choose from, and each color has a unique sparkle. For example, green is fresh and refined, red is retro and noble, and yellow is bright and shining. People with different personalities can choose a favorite among many colors.

Secondly, the shape of opal is also surprising and ever-changing. Opals of different colors can be combined with a variety of shapes to create a unique gemstone ring. For example, this skull claw opal ring shape is very eye-catching. The stainless steel skull claw is like a devil's hand holding tightly to the gemstone shining with cat's eyes, evil and innocent. At the same time, the gemstone is like a noble Persian cat, with proud light and pride shining in its eyes, bringing a different visual feast to this ring.

Human wisdom is endless. Designers draw inspiration from animal shapes in nature, and tailor-make animal-shaped rings according to the characteristics of opals. For example, this owl ring cleverly uses the characteristics of owl's big and round eyes, and inlaid various colored opals in the eyes, which brings a different kind of agility to this ring. In addition, the owl ring has a good meaning. In ancient Greece, people regarded the owl as a symbol of wisdom. When the owl was hunting, it could stare at the prey for several hours without moving, waiting for the right time to hunt perfectly. Therefore, calmness and patience are also synonymous with owls. Similarly, this beautiful meaning is applied to the ring body, embodying the wearer's wisdom and happiness.


The significance of jewelry rings is to bring pleasant emotional value to people, whether it is tiger's eye or opal, they are one of the types of jewelry that people love. Colorful gemstones with various shapes, coupled with their own unique flashing light, bring stunning visual enjoyment to eye rings. Of course, the rings introduced by the editor are only a small part of them. If If you are interested, please click the link below to browse more gemstone rings!

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