Is It OK To Wear An Ankh

One of the most recognizable symbols in ancient Egypt, the Ankh is also known as the "key to life" and dates back to the Early Dynastic period (3150 - 2613 BCE). It is a cross with a ring at the top, sometimes decorated with symbols or ornamental patterns, but most often a solid gold cross.

The symbol is a hieroglyph for "life" or "breath of life" in Egyptian ("nh = ankh"), and since the Egyptians considered the earthly journey to be only a part of eternal life, the Ankh resembles both a symbol for "life" and a symbol for "life". The Ankh symbolizes both the existence of life and the afterlife, as the Egyptians believed that the earthly journey was only a part of eternal life. It is one of the oldest symbols and signs in Egypt, carried by numerous Egyptian gods in paintings and inscriptions on tombstones, and worn by Egyptians as a talisman.

Due to its popularity and unique appearance, modern people are keen to use the ankh symbol in jewelry and clothing. Mysterious symbols always have different meanings, and some people may question what are the meanings of the ankh symbol and is it okay to wear it? That's the topic we'll be discussing today, so read on if you're interested.

The meaning of Ankh and what it represents


There is a famous Egyptian book called the Book of the Dead, which tells the story of a man (mainly a pharaoh) who had to pass through many hurdles after death to reach the door of rebirth, which could be opened only with the ankh. It is therefore known as the "key to life". This symbol is almost everywhere in Egypt, sometimes alone as a symbol, sometimes in the hands of a deity.

A teacher once told his students at a graduation ceremony that life is a miracle. Indeed, the people of ancient Egypt also had an extraordinarily high respect for life. Life originates from sex. Looking at the shape of the ankh symbol again, its upper part, some say, is the image of a female womb, while others say it is the original form of the Greek architectural arch. And the bottom half becomes the original form of the Christian cross. Combined together, the upper and lower parts are the uterus, ovaries, and vagina, the gestational, reproductive system of this life. Others believe that the top of the circle in the upper part of the ankh is a symbol of the sun on the horizon, suggesting reincarnation and rebirth.

By extending the concept of "life", the ankh symbol also represents air or water. These are essential things in our lives, and they illustrate the importance of the ankh symbol. People love this symbol and are completely free to wear any jewelry that contains an ankh.

Ankh and Mirror Connection

Victor Loret, a 19th-century Egyptian antiquarian, assumed that the "mirror" meaning of the ankh symbol was its original meaning, because the ankh looked very much like a hand-held mirror. However, a major flaw in this hypothesis - which Loret himself admits - is that in many representations of the ankh symbol it is held in place by a loop through which one's finger passes. Since the loop is supposed to be the frame of the mirror in Loret's hypothesis, this presents a problem. 

The goddess Neith is also associated with the Egyptian symbol of ankh. She is the goddess of war and weaving. During the festival of Neith, the Egyptians lit oil lamps to reflect the stars, making a mirror image of the earth and sky. This is related to the ankh (depicted as holding Neith) because the ankh is often thought of as a mirror.

Is it ok to wear an ankh

The ankh, one of the oldest symbols of Egypt, was a lucky charm held in the hands of various gods and granted to pharaohs, kings and queens. It has a strong connection with the gods and royalty, it is seen as a talisman and is considered to be the continuation of life. Therefore, the ankh is definitely worth wearing.


Ankh jewelry took the world by storm in the 1990s and is popular today, with celebrities such as Beyonce and Rihanna wearing it. This unisex symbol is used in designs such as rings, earrings and pendants, and our stores are full of ankh rings, pendants, bracelets and other jewelry. Life and vitality will never go out of style and will always be a profound symbol. This is the reason why the ankh symbol and ankh jewelry have become so popular to this point.

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