Gthic Magic jewelry-do you believe in magic?

Do you believe in magic, is magic real? When we were very young, we all believed in magic, and the world at that time was colorful and wonderful. But as we grow up, we find that the magic has disappeared, and the world is only left with busyness and a reality we don't want to face.  However, our theme today is magic, and these magical jewelry may make you dazzled.

The role of magic jewelry

Each magic symbol has its own use. When these magic symbols are used in jewelry design, those jewelry are endowed with the same magic power, which is also the origin of magic jewelry.


The five horns of the pentagram represent the five elements of air, water, fire, earth and spirit. The pentacle in the positive position symbolizes the triumph of spirituality over the material world and desires, and the pentacle in the negative position symbolizes personal satisfaction with spirituality. The pentacle has been used in the past to summon power, and to defend against spiritual or physical harm. It can be used as a symbol of protection or good fortune, and is often seen as a sacred symbol by wickhams and other magics. So it must be worn with reverence.

It is an eye surrounded by the rays of the sun, a powerful symbol for invoking the protection of the goddess. This symbol is known as the "All-Seeing Eye" and it even appears on the $1 bill. It represents the all-seeing eye of the Goddess (or God) and offers her protection to those who use this symbol.

This is another very recognizable symbol, and I noticed that many people have it. Some people tattoo it as a part of body, and some people wear it as the jewelry. The Hand of Fatima is a popular symbol in Africa and the Middle East, representing protection from evil forces and intentions, and summoning blessings and strength to the wearer. The open palm draws in all the good things in life, and at the same time keeps the negative things out. Some Wiccans and witches believe that the five fingers of the hand correspond to love, money, health, power, and wisdom. It is common to engrave other symbols of power and protection on your hands.


In modern times, what makes people feel incredible and makes people think that magic exists is the constellation and tarot cards.

Constellation refers to one of the essential components in astrology, and also refers to the group of stars in the sky. The primitive Babylonians made a four-season constellation calendar based on the astrological movement, hoping to use it to fortune and predict the fate of the country and the people.

Tarot cards are an ancient tool for divination in the West. They have been popular in Europe since the Middle Ages. Its origin has always been a mystery. There are 78 tarot cards in total, of which 22 are large arcana cards and 56 are small arcana cards. They can be used separately for divination, or 78 cards can be mixed together for divination. Tarot card is a tool for analyzing, predicting and providing suggestions for people, events and things. This definition is accurate and direct, and is widely recognized by the Tarot community. Tarot cards can be different for love, relationships, work (academic), etc. Some scholars use Tarot divination as psychological counseling, but generally only use the analysis function of Tarot.

Nowadays, people use constellations and tarot cards to foretell their fortunes, love, and what they want to know. This is of great help to the confused people, and things tend to move in a good direction.


This is a beautiful love story, and the same is also a ring with the magic of love. Cladda rings come from Ireland and are the best choice for engagement rings. They are full of beautiful symbolism. The feature of this design is that two hands hold the heart and crown on top. The hands represent friendship and commitment. The heart represents love and care. The crown used it as a symbol of loyalty. Friendship, love and loyalty-the three elements of a good relationship. This is a must-choice ring for lovers who fall in love.

Maple Leaf-It is well known in China and Japan that the maple leaf is a symbol of lovers. In order to drive away demons and stimulate sexual pleasure, North American settlers used to place maple leaves at the foot of their beds, hoping to bring them a restful sleep. Also in North America, cranes can often be seen weaving nests with maple branches-so maple leaves have also become a symbol of love to welcome the arrival of newborn children. Since maple sap is sweet and rich, it is often used to make syrup, so maple leaves have also become a symbol of love. It embodies the sweet and wonderful love in daily life.


In Norse mythology, the Yggdrasil constitutes the entire world. According to legend, Odin once hung himself from a tree and stabbed himself with a long spear Gungnir, thus discovering the Runes. The three roots and spring water of the World Tree give the creatures around it beauty, wisdom and evil. It is the tree of life, both righteous and evil, depending on how the wearer uses it.


Well, I recommend so many today. In fact, every piece of jewelry has magic power, just like you wear them, you will become confident and handsome, this is the magic of jewelry. You can choose to wear these magical accessories or put them in a drawer. Who knows if they will perform miracles one day.

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