How much do you know about the Virgin Mary prayer in jewelry?

Earlier we talked about Christ Jesus, today we will learn about the Virgin Mary Prayer together. We all know that the Virgin Mary Prayer is the mother of Jesus. Because she brought us her son- Jesus Christ, the Savior of mankind, and continued to let Jesus be born in our hearts and communities through her prayers. She is the image of the church, and she brings Christ to us who makes Christ present among us. And it is by incorporating the story of the Virgin Mary into the jewelry that our designers have come to have a more tangible faith.

Who is the Virgin Mary?

The Virgin Mary is the biological mother of Jesus. Most Christians and Muslims believe that the New Testament claims that Mary was called by the Holy Spirit and became pregnant when she was still a virgin. Protestantism generally only regards Mary as the biological mother of Jesus when he was on earth. Most Protestant churches do not accept the Catholic’s claim that Mary’s innocence can be used as a mediator. Some denominations also deny that she has an innocent body. And denied that she is a virgin for life. There are also some Protestants who believe that she has the virtue of piety and is particularly loved by God. Some more catholic churches call her the Virgin Mary, and consider her a saint, but will not call her the Virgin.

Now that we know who she is, let's take a look at the story of the Virgin Mary in the jewelry.

Virgin Mary prayer in jewelry

The Virgin Mary is the mother of Jesus in the hearts of the followers of Christ and their mother, the leader of their faith in God. Our jewelry combines her story and spirit with materials to make jewelry accessories that serve as a medium for believers to communicate their faith.

Virgin Mary prayer

When we recite the Lord's Thanksgiving song every evening prayer, Mary's prayer has become a prayer of the Holy Church. We thank God for how miraculous things have been done among us and great things have been done through the church. We thank God for this. Gratitude is a symbol of health. St. Paul always thanked God at the beginning of every letter. Thanking means acknowledging what God has done to us. He has given grace to us and also to our community.

These rings and pendants show the Virgin Mary praying sincerely. Her hands are folded, her beautiful and holy head is slightly downward, and she prays very sincerely to God, hoping to bring good things and good luck to people.

Prayer under the cross

The Virgin looked at Jesus who was suffering on the cross. She did not say a word, but she maintained complete communion with the Son on the cross. This is indeed the most perfect prayer. She was given to the disciples of Christ, and also given to her by the disciples of her son. The prayer of communion does not consist in speaking a lot, but in communion with Christ who has given everything for the world.

This pendant is inspired by this. The Virgin Mary placed herself on the crucifixion of Jesus, and merged with the cross in a prayer posture. She is praying, for the world and for herself.

Praying hands

Praying Hands was originally a pen-and-ink work called "Study of the Hands of an Apostle" drawing by German painter,printmaker and theorist Albrecht Dürer. It is said that this is the hand of the Dürer’s brothers. The praying hand in this painting is the love and sacrifice of the elder brother to the younger brother.

This is how the Virgin Mary prays. This is a ring which is a close up of two female hands clasped together praying, expressed prayer for refuge and showed faith in God. On the other hand, this is also her love and sacrifice to the world. Our designers printed a close-up of the Virgin Mary praying on the ring, holding the bracelet of the cross in her hand with her hands folded, a classic image of prayer.

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Traditionally, the heart of the Immaculate Conception is depicted as being pierced by seven wounds or swords to pay tribute to the seven roses of Mary and Rose, usually red or white, wrapped around the heart. These imply dedication, and the purpose of dedication is to love God and Jesus better, to unite oneself with Mary and imitate her virtues for this purpose.

Our designer removed the flowers on the Sacred Heart and kept the sword through the heart. This is his understanding of the Sacred Heart. The Virgin is pure and pure, even if she is hurt, her heart is still pure.


Believers should remember that true enthusiasm lies neither in a momentary, empty emotional impulse, nor in an unfounded credulity, but in a pure faith, which leads us to recognize the mother of God. Remarkable respect and inspire us to respect and love our mother with the filial piety of our children. This is the wealth brought to us by the Virgin Mary, and this is also the meaning of our jewelry. Finally, I hope you all have a good shopping!

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