How much do you know about Celtic jewelry?

The previous article talked about Viking jewelry, today we will take a look at its “friend” - Celtic jewelry.

Celtic is one of the ancient civilizations in Europe, and it corresponds to and coexists with the ancient Greco-Roman civilization circle. In the Roman Empire, the Germans and Celts in the north were collectively called the barbarians, and frequent conflicts and collisions between them. It can be said that the various ethnic groups in modern Europe are largely derived from them, and of course they also include Slavs and Vikings.

Of course, this powerful national handicraft industry is also very developed. Celtic artisans have also reached a very high level of technology in processing metals such as bronze, gold, and silver. The bracelets, pins, waistbands, etc. produced with decorative patterns and carved patterns are well-known in Central and Western Europe. They know how to inlay, plate gold and silver. The Celtics smelt metal, process, and manufacture ironware and other metal-ware technology, which was at an advanced level in Europe at that time. Next, I will introduce you to the Celtic jewelry and meanings.

Celtic jewelry symbols and meanings

Celtic jewelry is very popular today. The basic shape styles are cross, square, circle and triangle. For Celtic triangle symbols, crosses and complex wearing rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, their functionality is not important because they have their own design history and meaning.

Celtic jewelry about religion

As an ancient and powerful ethnic, apart from the Celts themselves being strong, their religious beliefs have also helped a lot. 

Celtic cross is a special cross that combine the cross with a ring. This symbol is related to Celtic Christianity. Although it is relatively old, it is the origin of pre-Christianity. Such the cross forms a major part of Celtic art. An upright Celtic cross is made of stone and is often carved with beams. It is called a cross in the sky or an Irish cross. Celtic crosses may have originated in early Coptic churches.


The symbol from the Latin adjective triquetrus "three-cornered" is named Triquetra. It is a triangular figure composed of three interlaced arcs. In Christianity, the Triquetra knot became a popular theme in illuminated manuscripts and stone crosses around the 8th century. In the renaissance of Celtic culture in the 19th century, people generally believed that this symbol represented the Christian faith of the Holy Trinity. Repetitive or decorative Triquetra knots are the most common Celtic designs.


The Celtic Triskele symbolizes rebirth or life cycle. The Celtic circle represents the circle of eternal life and death. Maybe those we can’t get point of the Celtic jewelry are the key to connection of the world. This is why many people have the sense of mystery that connects you and me. There are also some beliefs, and every Celtic shape holds some secrets of life. That is beyond our knowledge and understanding, it is incredible.

Celtic jewelry about love

Rings and bracelets are full of symbolic examples of popular Celtic jewelry. They symbolize eternal, eternal love, which is why their bride and groom exchange rings at today's wedding. To show their loyalty and endless mutual commitment. This kind of ring and bracelet, as an indication of loyalty to our friends, is an important part of Celtic jewelry.


The symbol consists of three parts-the hands which symbolize friendship, the crown which symbolizes loyalty, and the heart which symbolizes love unaffected by time. People believed that lovers exchange such ring would be a symbol of love. It has two meanings, one is that with my hands I give you my heart, and crown it with my love, the other is that let love and friendship reign forever.

Sailor knot 

The sailor knot which is infinite knot is related to the love, too. Traditionally, sailors made these simple double-links to commemorate their love in their hometown. The knot symbolizes friendship, affection and love. This is a common theme on Celtic wedding rings, but it also designs a sweet pattern for delicate weddings.

Celtic jewelry about battle

As a fighting nation, Celtic jewelry design is also related to war.

Shield knot 

This shielded junction is a four-corner junction that can take various forms, from simple to detailed. Four-corner knots are common all over the world, and the oldest iteration can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia. In Celtic tradition, the ancient Irish used this knot to protect themselves from souls or hostile armies. Soldiers, children and patients often wear this knot as amulets. Today, you can use this power in your daily life.


Celtic jewelry continues to extend today, as a traditional reminder and ceremony, reminding us to pay attention to an ancient European nation. If you are looking for Celtic symbolic jewelry, Gthic is a place to visit. That's all for today's sharing, I wish you a happy shopping!

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