What is the meaning of skull jewelry?

In recent years, the skeleton element has become more and more popular. Therefore, skulls appear in various styles of clothing, accessories and decorations. A wide variety of skull rings, bracelets and necklaces are constantly emerging, which account for a large part of the jewelry people choose. In addition, it also occupies an important position in tattoos and printed patterns. As an integral part of fashion, what does the skull mean? Why is it so popular?

The History of Skull Jewelry

Amazingly, skeleton jewelry has a long history, at that time some people began to wear skull jewelry. And the symbolic meaning of skull has not changed much.

Skulls have existed for thousands of years. In ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Aztec, skulls symbolized death and rebirth. At that time, people's thinking was simple. They had a single understanding of the shape of skeletons. They could not explain death, but they were afraid of death. In the era when human civilization did not come into being and social classes were not divided, life was the most precious thing that an individual had. And the skull is regarded as the center of the soul. Therefore, the skull has gradually become a totem.

In Elizabethan Europe, rings were often fitted with a death’s head skull. This skull had no chin and symbolized toughness and courage. It was believed to be a sign that the wearer was respected at the bottom of society.

In the Victorian era, people generally used skull rings to mourn their loved ones who died. This is also their gentle reminder of their death. In that era, the skull and crossbones represented a symbol of equality, because no matter how different a person was during his lifetime, they would tend to be the same in the end.

What is the meaning of skull jewelry

The meaning of skull jewelry is diverse. Skull always the symbolism of death. On the contrary, it can also mean the pursuit of freedom, rebellion against restraint, and it also means commemoration. Although the skeleton represents death, it also represents a new beginning. It can also be understood as changing fate and pursuing a new life.

In some places, skeletons are also a symbol of strength and the eternity of life. This is why the skull ring is the most popular symbol of the free spirit such as rock musicians or bikers. Because they know that life is short, they are willing to enjoy life in time. These concepts are reflected in ancient civilizations. Centuries ago, people respected death for their short lives. In response, people began to make jewelry to accept the reality of death, especially rings with skulls, to beautify and remind people to pay attention to death.

Types of Skull Jewelry

Badass jewelry like skull rings are not only for men, women can also wear them. Because there are many types of skull jewelry, different types can be worn by different people.

Sugar Skull

Sugar skulls are one of the most important elements of Mexico’s Day of the Dead. It is called sugar skulls because traditionally, sugar is used to make beautiful skulls to represent the dead relatives and friends on the Day of the Dead. The main meaning of the Day of the Dead is to show the joy of life and the respect and love for the dead relatives in colorful colors. So sugar skulls are generally colorful and cute accessories with smiles.

The sugar skull jewelry are rich in color, coupled with a beautiful smile, which makes people forget what awe is. Sugar skull jewelry can be said to be the first choice for women when choosing skull jewelry.

Grim Reaper

The Death is like Ouroboros, like an image passed down from generation to generation, and no one has actually seen it. The image of the Death we see now is wearing a robe and holding a scythe in hand, unable to see the image of his face clearly.

It is said that this image has spread since the Middle Ages in Europe. At that time Europe was suffering from the plague and other diseases. The medical staff in black robes could hardly help these people. So when the medical staff shows up, it means that the patient is about to die. The scythe was a symbol of fertility and death earlier. But in this case, it only symbolizes death. Therefore, death jewelry is only related to the end of life.

Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger is generally used on the pirate flag, and its image is a skull and crossbones. And for centuries, it has always symbolized danger and death. We can still see it on the outer packaging of toxic substances. 

If there is a man wearing this ring then you should be careful because he is trying to send a signal of danger.


Skull jewellery is not just for men, it can be worn by women too. We have exquisite handmade skull rings for you. A skull ring is also a good choice for engagement rings and wedding rings as it represents the cycle of life as well. You can customize a silver skull ring for the person who matters most to you.

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