What Does a St. Michael Necklace Mean?

Throughout our lives, we need the help of real factors as well as the support of spiritual teachers such as the divine. St. Michael the Archangel is one who is very much revered and loved. When it comes to Christian jewelry, there is no shortage of St. Michael necklaces. Many people like to wear St. Michael's necklaces to bless and protect themselves in all things, good health, etc. Today, let's talk about the story of St. Michael and what St. Michael's necklace can protect people from.

Who is St. Michael the Archangel

We all know that God created mankind and heaven, at the same time, God also created many angels and angels of special importance with special missions, this category is called archangels, one of them is St. Michael. He is generally depicted with a pair of angel wings, holding a sword in one hand and a shield in the other. St. Michael is the leader of all the holy angels above Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. He was often dedicated to fighting evil, proclaiming God's truth, and strengthening the faith of the people. Although he is called a saint, he is indeed an angel, their leader, and ultimately the army of God. By definition, he is above all others in rank.

What Does a St Michael Necklace Mean

St. Michael's Protection from Evil

It is believed that wearing St. Michael's necklace will provide you with protection.

As a symbol of the battle and perseverance between good and evil, St. Michael is very good at fighting and once led an army of angels to defeat Satan in a war with him. Therefore, if you have a friend whose profession is a law enforcement officer such as a police officer, you can give him/her the St. Michael necklace as a special gift. It is duty, it is honor, it is the epitome of goodness against the forces of evil, so the significance of St. Michael's necklace for a law enforcement professional is completely justified.

Of course, you can also wear a St. Michael necklace if you are not one of these special professionals, as it has every implication of protecting you from the forces of evil.

Angel of Death - Bringing the souls of the dead to heaven

St. Michael is not only a fearless warrior, but also an angel of death. At the specific moment of death, St. Michael descends and offers each soul the opportunity to redeem itself before death. In the Christian tradition, Archangel Michael oversees all the angels who work with the dying. Michael appears before each person on his or her deathbed to give that person a final opportunity to consider the spiritual state of his or her soul. Those who are not yet saved but change their minds at the last moment are saved. By telling Michael in faith that they said "yes" to God's offer of salvation, they can go to heaven instead of hell when they die. How is this not a form of protection.

This product is one of the most popular St. Michael necklaces in our store. The designer has transformed the shield in St. Michael's hand into the shape of a necklace, with the image of St. Michael holding a sword on it, and "ARCHANGEL ST MICHAEL PROTECT US" written on the back. It is made of stainless steel, which has many good characteristics, such as not easy to be oxidized and corrosion, easy daily maintenance, etc.. This shield-shaped St. Michael's necklace is very suitable for people who have just entered or graduated from the academy, as well as those who are engaged in special occupations such as police officers.


In the Christian belief, angels are messengers of God and have the responsibility of conveying God's oracles between man and God. The Archangel Saint Michael has the responsibility of protecting people from evil, redeeming and measuring souls. I think that's why people love the St Michael pendant. In addition to St. Michael's pendants, our store also has other types of Christ jewelry, you can choose whatever you like.

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