What does the sigil of Baphomet mean in jewelry?

On Gthic, you may find that there is a goat head that is very popular with people, so today we will discuss about the jewelry of Baphomet.

Who Is Baphomet?

The image of Baphomet is very unique and typically. He has a goat head, and there is a pentagram on his forehead; He has a pair of wings on his back, he also has a female chest and a staff of Hermes placed on his abdomen; he has the underbelly of a deer, a sheep's hoof and a scorpion's tail, with a green fire burning at the end.

There are two theories about the origin of this name. One is derived from the enemy of Christianity-the Prophet Muhammad; the other is derived from the Greek baphe and metis, meaning "to absorb knowledge", so in fact, Baphomet also represents the meaning of "wisdom."

Among the demons spread in the West, Baphomet is the most special one. He is a composite of almost all demons, and is even called the second original sin by the world. In the ranking of the Throne of Hell, he is second only to the leader-level demon like Demon Knight Commander Leonardo.

In the legend of witchcraft, the devil Satan often transforms into the shape of a goat, and is used by all witches to worship in the place where witches meet. That goat is Baphomet.

Is Baphomet Satan?

On this subject, many are certain. The Church of Satan uses the sigil of Baphomet as his official symbol: a Baphomet goat-headed figure placed within an inverted pentagram. Baphomet is a prominent presence in Satanism I. He is placed as a symbol on the altar of Satanic rituals. 


From ancient times to the present, Baphomet has many different titles, including the Goat Of Mendez, Horned King, the dark goat, and the goat of Judas. Perhaps the most appropriate one is the scapegoat. Baphomet represents the combination of dark power and the productive, fertility of the goat. The Hebrew letters surrounding the periphery of the symbol can spell out the serpent demon in the waters of Leviathan-Abyss, also known as Satan.

Therefore, in the perception of many people, Baphomet can be said to be a specific image of Satan.

What Dose the Sigil of Baphomet Mean?

Symbol of Vitality

In the circles of some contemporary neo-pagans and witchcraft worshippers, Buffalo has begun to represent the life force incarnation, just like the god Pan (the god of flocks and shepherds in Greek mythology, lustful, indulgent lust). Psychedelic, body magic, dance, and sacred sex are all characteristics of the Australian neo-pagan carnival. The main god of carnival is Baphomet. Here Baphomet is both male and female, both terrifying and exciting, and both hostile and good. Thus, the name Baphomet comes at least in part from the image of a mountain-like devil who was worshipped by a palace maid at a medieval witch gathering.

Symbol of Wisdom

The original Baphomet symbolizes wisdom. This is because Baphomet originated from the Greek baphe and metis, which means "to absorb knowledge", so Baphomet also represents "wisdom".

And if you observe carefully, you will find that Baphomet points out the law of this world-the unity of opposites. The goat's head represents matter and the body, while the wings symbolize the will of heaven or nature. The two crescent moons, the brighter one is good and white magic; the darker one is evil and black magic. The male body but has a female breast. Good and evil, day and night, men and women,these are the representatives of all things. From this perspective, the sigil of Baphomet fully embodies the meaning of wisdom.

Symbol of Devil Goat

In Christianity, the upside-down pentagram symbolizes the change of man's spirit from up to down, which is hell and a representative of Satan. while the Bible records that the goat is the incarnation of the devil and can only go to hell after death. The use of the goat's head and the pentagram are linked together to symbolize the coming of Satan. 

This is what many people now understand as Baphomet. With a goat's head and demonic wings, Baphomet is not destined to be a positive character. In the Bible, sheep represent good, while goats are evil.


In short, due to various coincidences, this unique and strange goat's head symbol has become a representative of the devil in Western mythology and culture. This is also a relatively unique demon culture in the West.

Today, this culture is popular by people. This magical symbol full of religious colors is showing its charm and attracting people to pursue their own life styles. This symbol is also applied to various fields, and our jewelry also uses it as an element to carry the demonic culture and show it in front of everyone. Of course, if you have any thoughts and suggestions, you can comment below or write us an email, we will always appreciate your thoughts.

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