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As 2021 is coming to an end, Gthic has withstood the viral attack together with everyone in the past year, delivering every customer's favorite products to them and bringing some joy and surprise to everyone's life. Using the customer purchase data from the past year, we will further give you an analysis of the trends in fashion jewelry. What are the most popular products at Gthic? Are these products the trend of the whole society? Let's look down together.

Animal Ring

There are many different types of jewelry for men, and one that has long been at the top of the sales list is the animal ring. Animal rings often bring the symbolic meaning of the animal itself to the jewelry, thus creating empathy for the product. Wearing them can indicate how close you are to the characteristics of the animal, your mood at that particular moment, or they can be lucky charms. Animal rings can be broken down into many different types, the most popular of which is the snake ring.

The snake is one of the most familiar and common symbolic creatures in human history. Snakes have different symbolic meanings in different cultures. From the Bible, we can find that the snake represents evil, cunning, deception and temptation. In the Bible, Eve was tempted by the serpent to eat the forbidden fruit.

However, the other side of the story is that the snake is extremely wise. In the section of the Old Testament, "The Patriarchs Were Tempted," the serpent said to the woman, "For God knows that in the day you eat, your eyes will be enlightened, and you will be able to know good and evil as God does." The serpent proved to be truthful, "And their eyes were enlightened, and they knew that they were naked, and they took the leaves of the fig tree, and made themselves a dress." (Genesis - Against Life) From then on, mankind ceased to be foolish and began to think, to introspect, and to face the future.

Spinner Ring

Spinner rings are a popular category this year. It is also known as anxiety rings or meditation rings. It is made up of two bands, the outer ring can be engraved with different designs and can be rotated.

What is the reason why it is so popular? One is because it has a more interesting design, and the other reason is that it allows people to properly reduce tension and anxiety.

If you are a person who tends to feel nervous, then you must have a spinning ring. It allows you to relieve yourself with very subtle movements that are not easily noticeable.

Viking Jewelry

When it comes to popular jewelry, it is impossible not to have Viking jewelry. People love Viking jewelry not only because of its exquisite appearance and workmanship, but also because of the various mysterious symbols of the unique Viking culture.

The ancient Norse seafarers, also known as Vikings. They went through numerous adventures and experiments, formed their own tribe, developed a unique language, and created the unique Loon alphabet system. This is something that has been studied to this day. In addition, they had their own mythology and worshiped gods, created many mysterious symbols, and left a brilliant culture for future generations. And loving these cultures, we engraved the Viking culture and characters on the ornaments, enabling people to easily collect their favorite elements.

Skull Ring

The skull represents death, but also represents a new beginning, which can also be interpreted as a change of destiny in pursuit of a new life, and in some places, the skull is also a symbol of power and eternal life. Most importantly, it also represents equality, because regardless of status, poverty or wealth, we will eventually turn into white bones and return to the beginning of life. Some people will avoid this topic, thinking that skulls look evil and scary, but for people who are really passionate about life, they will choose and wear their favorite skull jewelry, bringing out a kind of confidence, a kind of control over their own lives. This is why the skull culture and biker culture will be so closely integrated together, almost inseparable, because when riders see each other's skull jewelry, tattoos or biker logo, language, it does not seem so important. Just like the classic line "YOU DON'T ALWAYS NEED A PLAN, JUST GO!"

Gemstone Ring

Gemstones are generally combined with animal elements and with Gothic floral motifs in a variety of color options. Gemstones are the material from which everything is polished and carved into jewelry and crafts. There are two types of gemstones: natural and artificial. Natural gemstones can be more expensive, so rings with artificial gemstones are a good choice.

Magic Jewelry

In Western astrology, the 12 signs of the zodiac are synonymous with cosmic directions. The position of the stars on the zodiac at the time of one's birth indicates one's innate personality and talents. The 12 signs of the zodiac symbolize the psychological dimension, reflecting the way a person behaves. Thus the zodiac is divided into 12 signs, called the 12 signs of the zodiac. It is also a very interesting thing that people will analyze individuals based on their horoscope. The zodiac signs are a good choice for gift giving. No one will refuse a gift that is relevant to them.

The word "tarot" is derived from the Egyptian words TAR (way) and RO (king), which mean "kingly way". Therefore, the word "Tarot" itself means that as a king, he should have the right decision making power, which is the origin of the Tarot prediction method. The Tarot is an ancient tool for making predictions, which was handed down by the wise men who drew the ancient wisdom into a pattern. Just as the I Ching is recognized as the book of Eastern wisdom, the Tarot is considered a Western wisdom game. Both are exploring the Usui and the changes of life, but the difference is that Tarot is full of Western literature and culture.

Combining tarot cards and pendants not only has a decorative function, but also serves as entertainment. Do you want to have a tarot pendant?

Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry is one of the most popular, especially sterling silver rings. Wearing jewelry is a way to show your personality, and customizing a ring or a necklace of your own can better show your unique character. Most of the time people choose a custom jewelry they want it to have a special meaning, but it's hard to express that meaning with the styles available in the stores. Customized jewelry are different, you can choose the most popular styles, and modify them according to your own ideas, you can engrave them or carve different patterns on them to give different meanings to this jewelry.

Cuban Link Chain

In addition to these types of jewelry above, Cuban link chains have been on the hot list. The simple and generous Cuban link chain can match well with any outfit and is a piece you can't live without in your jewelry box.


We have passed 2021 together: it is our pleasure to develop so many different types of jewelry and to be loved by everyone. In this new year, we will continue our passion to provide you with exquisite and inexpensive accessories. Happy New Year to everyone!

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