What is the Significance of Coffin rings?

Coffin rings, as the name suggests, are rings themed around the shape of a coffin, they are usually designed as a small coffin box, aptly called a "coffin" ring, and most are smaller ovals or rectangles. Of course, not just a simple coffin box, but also other elements. Such as skulls, crosses, vampires, roses, and more.what is the significance of coffin ring? - Gthic.com - Blog

The Origin of the coffin ring

The coffin ring was born under this jewelry theme: Memento mori. People created jewelry with a unique meaning to remind people of death. Known as Memento Mori - which means "Remember that you must die" and became a popular art and jewelry subject in the 16th to 18th centuries.

In the mid-17th century, memento mori jewelry shifted from a single dominant theme of dying to merge with memorial or memorial jewelry. Personal information of the deceased, etc. can be engraved on the jewelry, further personalizing the jewelry. This tradition flourished in the 18th century, because information such as the name of the person being commemorated was added, and people's reluctance and nostalgia for the deceased were also incorporated, which also made the mourning pattern less scary and replaced by are more complex and varied images, such as coffins.

The significance of the coffin ring

Humans have always had an obsession with death. Memento mori comes from Latin: "Remember you must die" is a medieval philosophy based on reflection on death. In the Christian church, it is used to encourage the congregation to consider their vanity and the temporality of all worldly possessions and pursuits.

what is the significance of coffin ring? - Gthic.com - Blog

Although the Church preached the concept of separation from worldly things, this idea spread to the material world through art. The fear of judgment combined with humanity's long-standing fear of being forgotten by the world has led the rich to build elaborate monuments. They show "religion" while also serving as a reminder to the audience. As with most trends that started with the upper classes, souvenirs extended to the lower and middle classes, where they were imitated to a more modest effect, as evident in the selection of tombstones and funeral art.

As a coffin ring derived from the theme of memento mori, it has also been given the same meaning. A coffin ring is an added element of mourning that depicts your social and emotional place. Coffin rings are very niche and dark in style, and are deeply loved by Goths. Although we associate the coffin ring with death, it also serves as a reminder to cherish the present. This may tell us that the opposite things often have unexpected effects, and the design elements that make people dislike them can also become the next popular classic through unique interpretation. Otherwise, the world, always full of roses and butterflies, must be the most boring.

Final words

Death is the balancer between human beings. We all have to die, we know that. Remembering that we are all mortals drives us as human beings to strive hard to create a legacy that is not forgotten and forgotten by time. We should live every day as if it were the last, and live in the moment. The coffin ring seems to remind the wearer that death is not terrible. As long as you maintain a pious heart and cherish the beauty in front of you, you can achieve a real life and death bond and never separate. So, why don’t you wear a coffin ring to remind you to live in the moment and enjoy your life?

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