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Johnny Depp, the Hollywood superstar, not only portrays his characters on screen in a deeply moving way, but in real life he also dresses himself in a unique and stylish way, with a unique eye for jewelry, leading one of the most eccentric fashion styles in Hollywood. Among the characters portrayed by Johnny Depp, the most impressive is probably Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean, and they have a lot in common, for example, they both have the same passion for jewelry and love to wear skull rings. If you are interested in Johnny Depp rings, let's explore his fashion jewelry field!

Johnny Depp's on-screen ring

Captain Jack Sparrow's Pirate Ring

Depp has played a lot of roles and is popular with the public, Among them, the role of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series is deeply loved by the audience and the actor himself. One of the reasons is that Depp was involved in the creation of this pirate image. Depp believes that the eighteenth-century pirates are like twentieth-century rock stars, for freedom and adventure with extreme desire, he wanted to Jack Sparrow's appearance and attitude are shaped like a rock star. Therefore, Depp also lent some of the pirate rings in his jewelry collection to the fictional pirates. The skull ring with emerald stones that we see Jack wearing on his index finger is part of the actor's collection, and Depp wore it for a 1989 Rolling Stone cover.

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In addition to this skull ring, the gold ring that Jack Sparrow wears on his left ring finger also belongs to Johnny Depp. It is a gold onyx ring, engraved with flowers and three small stones. The dedicated actor even made up a story for the ring: the pirate allegedly stole it from the widow of a Spanish sailor.

The amethyst ring worn on the left index finger of this pirate captain also has a bizarre story. It was made in the 17th century. For the shooting of the film, it was bought specifically from an antique store. But unfortunately, the ring was later stolen from the set. Therefore, the producers had to customize another perfect replica. In the second part of Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow was wearing a replica of this ring. When Johnny Depp finished filming, the ring was taken away with the consent of the producers.

Johnny Depp Tonto Ring

Johnny Depp's Tonto ring, made by his good friend Joel Harlow for his character Tonto in the movie "The Lone Ranger". If you've seen the movie, it's easy to see that the ring features Tonto's signature battle paint and raven headgear. The ring also incorporates Depp's hand tattoo, a flying crow.

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Johnny Depp's personal ring

In fact, we have already mentioned many of Johnny Depp's personal rings that contributed to make the movie roles he played even better. In the following article we will talk about some of the interesting rings that Depp wears in his private life off-screen. Among the rings in Depp's private collection, skull rings account for most of them, including a wedding ring.

Death is Certain Club Ring

The Death is Certain Club was founded in the 1990s by Johnny Depp and three of his friends including musician Iggy Pop, filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, tattoo artist and novelist Jonathan Shaw. They purchased four skull rings of the same design from a New York City jeweler to represent their membership.

Death is Certain ring has the shape of a square skull with eyes set with red stones and three clear stones embedded in the forehead. The skull is silver in color, with symbols on both sides highlighted in gold. One side of the symbol is the number three, the number three for the actor is a special and creative number.

For this group of partners and Depp, the skull ring represents friendship and the cycle of life.

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Final Words

In general, Johnny Depp's passion for jewelry, or skull rings, is undiminished. For, he is always adding new skull rings to his collection by constantly adding them to his collection. Depp believes that the accessories people choose to wear can more easily express themselves to the outside world. Indeed, it is cool to choose the right accessories that can help us maintain and show our personality. Can you define your own style and personality?

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