Why do people wear cocktail ring?

Do you know the cocktail ring, how did the cocktail ring come about? Today, let's talk about the cocktail ring and what to pay attention to when wearing it.


Cocktail rings are large, striking rings, usually set with large gemstones. Their striking brilliance makes these rings ideal for occasions like cocktail parties, hence the name. Cocktail rings were first worn at cocktail parties or dinner parties in the United States in the 1950s. They are characterized by their "big" shape. They are inlaid with precious metals and colorful gems and semi-precious stones, which have considerable weight and value. In American society at that time, the identities of different people were shown by wearing accessories, and women attending cocktail parties at that time would wear "eye-catching" cocktail rings on their right hands to show their unmarried status (at that time married women would wear engagement rings or The wedding ring is worn on the left hand) because the right hand was often used when drinking and toasting, and the ring worn on the right hand was particularly noticeable, hence the name, also known as the "Right-Hand Ring".

Some people say that bold and unrestrained shapes and gorgeous and romantic styles can express a spirit of diversity. Cocktail rings seem to tell people that if you and I can wear rings, it does not indicate marriage or economic status, much less represent identity and status, just showing "I have my style".

Wearing a Right-Hand Ring is usually a woman with high self-awareness and autonomy. In the 21st century, mature women of all ethnic groups, whether married, unmarried or unmarried, have grown from economic independence in the early days to the independence of personality and thought now. This kind of change actually makes women better know how to get along with themselves and others, because they know that they have the courage to express their true thoughts and emotions, and today's women live healthier and more confident.

Cocktail rings are used to enhance the symbolic meaning of the ring more than to represent status, and in modern times, they can be used as a generic term for shiny, ornate, eye-catching rings. Its shape is also more avant-garde and diverse, highlighting the personality of the wearer, and the way it is worn has become spontaneous, single or multiple, left or right handed, although some more sophisticated people in the West still avoid wearing wedding rings on the left ring finger.

Wearing Precautions

Cocktail rings are usually worn on the right hand. This is to avoid confusion with engagement or wedding rings. Women usually wear cocktail rings separately from other jewelry, so that they can maximize their eye-catching power.

Commercially available cocktail rings are usually made of cheap materials, mostly alloy products, and the plating applied is usually thin and wears off quickly, revealing an under layer with a different color. In addition to this, cocktail rings have a lot of claws holding the stones in place, and the more claws you have in your ring, the higher the risk that some of them will bend or break. When they start to wear out, you'll need to spend a lot of money to repair them. However, most of Gthic's cocktail rings are made of stainless steel or titanium so that the claws that hold the stones in place are less likely to break and are strong and durable. It will also wear out, but it will definitely extend the wear time of the jewelry.

Most importantly, because cocktail rings are usually worn for parties or formal occasions, if you cherish a cocktail ring, keep it in a jewelry box when you are not wearing it.

Cocktail Rings on Gthic

There are a lot of great and unique cocktail rings on the Gthic website. Like a Gothic cocktail ring. This ring is typical of Gothic darkness, while also expressing the extravagant character of a cocktail ring. Black gemstones reveal a calm and unfathomable temperament, while red gemstones set off a mysterious and flamboyant atmosphere. The gems offered by the skeletons to their masters are small, but they are also unique.

Of course, there are also retro styles. This type of ring mainly shows the elegant temperament of the wearer. The gemstone of this ring is firmly fixed by four claws, and the cut square gemstone is transparent and bright, and the refracted light complements the texture of the ring. The retro court style shows your dignity and elegance.

In addition, personal preferences have also enriched the development of cocktail rings, such as adding animal elements, similar to dragon claws or beast claws, after all, gems still need to be firmly fixed. The combination of snakes and gems was also an unexpected surprise. A common sight would be two snakes entwined with bright gems, bold and edgy to make you stand out from the crowd.


Bold and edgy cocktail rings with bright colors and exaggerated flamboyance have been taking the fashion world by storm for a long time. Jewelry like this is eye-catching enough. In addition to being exaggerated in style, the message that women wear on their right hand is confidence, respect, love and beauty, which have always been the pursuit of all women throughout their lives. Would you like this type of ring?

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