Why Do People Wear St. Michael Necklace?

When people pray fervently, the god hears your inner voice and he will send his messengers to help you. Therefore, people love the image of angels and are keen to apply them to jewelry and wear them all the time. Among them, the Archangel St. Michael pendant is a popular choice.

Who is St. Michael

Archangel Michael's name means the power of God, and he is the angel of courage, strength and protection.

He is portrayed as an angel holding a sword and shield, accompanied by a dark blue halo around him. When you ask for his help, he will protect you with a dark blue light shield. When he appears you will see a dark blue light, which may be a light shadow of reality or a point of light from the spirit world, which is a message from the angel to communicate with you.

The Leader of Gods Army

When Lucifer led the angels in rebellion, God formed an army of angels and appointed Archangel Michael as the leader, enough to see God's trust in him. In the end, Saint Michael defeated the Satanic army. He proved to be capable and powerful enough to protect the people. God believed in his ability, and the congregation even more so.

The angel of death - takes the souls of the dead to heaven

It is St. Michael who accompanies the faithful to intercede for Christ in their last moments and on the day of his own judgment.

Weighing the souls on Judgment Day

Saint Michael is often represented as weighing human souls. God will judge everyone for their good and bad deeds at the end of the world. Since Michael will play an important role on Judgment Day and is the angel who oversees the death of humans and helps escort souls to heaven, it is believed that Michael will examine your attitudes and actions in life to make a choice between good and evil. Over time, his image has become the standard of justice.

Guardian of the Church

St. Michael led the army of angels to defeat the rebellion led by Lucifer and guarded the peace. Therefore, he is the patron of the Church in the eyes of the world.

Why Do People Wear St Michael Necklace

Archangel Michael is the warrior angel and the one who leads and is in charge. When you are faced with a difficult task, you can ask Archangel Michael to help you and he will give you courage, strength and willpower. You can also ask for his help if you want to gain the ability and quality of leadership.

He is also an angel of protection. When you are in danger, call on the power of St. Michael and he will come to your aid and guard your life, and he will also help you through certain life difficulties. Pray to St. Michael to protect you with his sword and shield.

Archangel Michael can help cut through the tethered energy locks. When we cling to something, we are bound to it. Or we have suffered painful memories, hurt, anger, guilt in the past that bind us to negative belief consciousnesses that hold us back in life, Archangel Michael can help us cut them off.

Wearing the image of St. Michael as a pendant at all times is like having St. Michael with you all the time. When you encounter danger and frustration, you will be able to call on St. Michael to help you and give you strength. How is this not a kind of spiritual solace?

What is Archangel Michael The Patron of

St. Michael is the patron saint of patients suffering from any type of illness, who will bless their health; at the same time, it also guards people working in dangerous conditions, such as police officers, soldiers, sailors and other professions. People are happy to wear St. Michael's necklace so that they are not alone in their journey. And it can give them strength and confidence. As they struggle in their jobs, they are supported and guarded by God and the archangels.

Final Thoughts

Why do people wear St. Michael's necklaces? I think it is to be able to have someone to guide the right path and direction when life is frustrating and you feel confused about the future. And St. Michael is the deity who can provide help. Not only the St. Michael necklace, we also have many St. Michael rings with other saints' jewelry.

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