5 Things to Consider before Buying a Biker Ring

Nowadays, wearing biker rings is a fashion statement and an expression, just like Gothic jewelry is associated with Gothic culture, and skull jewelry with rock culture. It further shows the connection between jewelry and culture. Bikers’ jewelry style is very unique compared to regular jewelry. The biker ring is perhaps the piece of biker jewelry most people associate with biker culture. In biker culture, it is no secret that rings play an essential part in appearance and style. What kind of thoughts occur in you when you decide to buy biker rings? Which finger to wear them? What materials to choose from? Although you do not really care about these questions, you need to make a choice which finger to wear so that you can measure your ring size and buy suitable biker rings. Today we are sharing 5 things you need to consider before buying biker rings.

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Which finger to wear biker rings?

It is entirely up to you which finger to wear biker rings. For daily life, you should keep in mind that less is more in order not to influence your work. Too many rings on your fingers will influence the speed of typing or writing. So, it would be better to wear rings on the hand which you don’t need to use frequently. If you are a man who uses your right hand to write something, you can wear rings on your left hand.

Consider biker rings styles

Another thing to consider when buying biker rings is that these rings come in many styles.  Biker rings often give people a strong sense of existence. People can easily identify biker rings because their style is very unique and representative. Our common styles include skulls, animals, such as owls, dragons, etc. Therefore, choosing the right ring for you may be a little tricky. The best way is to choose the design that best suits your style.

Consider the materials

Metal rings are currently the most common and recognized ring materials, such as platinum rings, gold rings, silver rings and stainless steel rings, which are now the mainstream ring materials. Among these metal materials, silver rings are the most popular among bikers. The silver ring has pure color and high cost performance, but it is easy to oxidize. Therefore, the material of the ring needs to be judged according to the personal preferences and needs of you.

Consider the ring size

The design of the biker ring is relatively large. Therefore, before buying, it is best to carefully confirm the size of your finger and select the appropriate ring size according to the size chart. If you don't measure the size carefully before buying a biker ring, you will easily buy an inappropriate ring. In addition, buy a perfect size ring to ensure that the ring plays a better role in embellishment on your fingers. If the ring is too loose, it will easily fall off your fingers. The most important thing is not to buy the rings that are too tight. Otherwise, it will be troublesome when you want to take off the ring. Nowadays, there are many styles of rings. If you want your fingers to look good, you must choose the right style. You need to choose the style according to your own hand shape. For example, people with thin and short hands can choose slender and streamlined rings, and people with thick fingers can choose round and wide rings, etc.

Go custom

You can go custom directly if you have other ideas to design a biker ring or you want a unique biker ring. Nowadays, it is very easy to customize a biker ring on online jewelry stores. There are various jewelry stores that provide custom service. Whether you want to customize a special size or a special pattern and text, the customization service can basically meet your needs.


Biker rings are not only a biker culture, but also a test of personal taste. Special occasions call for specific accessories, and rings are the perfect accessory for different occasions. The above 5 tips are basic for selecting a biker ring, but the most important thing is to select according to your personal preference and the quality of the rings.

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